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9.0 /10


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9.0 /10

Control System

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Very Powerful
  • Durable
  • Quieter
  • Elegant look
  • Easy to clean


  • Noisy at high speed
  • Expensive
  • Assembly is not easy

Vornado 660 review touches on the Vornado 660 features and uses. Vornado 660 is a whole room air circulator fan which means it is capable to circulate the air in a large size room. It helps move air into other parts of the room and provides comfort from its powerful motor like turbines. It is ideal for the winter season for the circulation of warmth throughout the home. For the effective performance of the Vornado 660, place it in front of an open door or window. This enhances its capability to suck its cool air and pushing it to circulate in the room. In comparison with the majority of the fans, Vornado 660 air circulator produces less noise.

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Top Key Features Of Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator Fan


1. Whole Room Vortex Action

The Vornado 660 uses the Vortex technology to offer circulation of the air inside the room. This allows the air to flow faster in a twisting spiral pattern. It uses the ceiling and walls of pathways to circulate and recirculate the air that constantly flows throughout the room. The air circulated is cool and constant creating the ultimate cooling experience. It helps in the achieving of even and complete circulation for an ideal room temperature. It evenly provides cool air throughout the room, for comfort regardless of where one is sitting in the room.


2. Variable Speed Setting

This Vornado Fan has 4-speed settings that are easily accessible as they are located on the top of the circulator and they have push button controls. The speed setting allows one to adjust it to any desired speed without limitation. It has a wide range of configurations to fulfill the standard requirements of the majority applications. They include variable frequency drives, adjustable frequency drives, and variable speed drives. It also has a combination of DC Motor and drives and AC Motor and Drive Combination. The speed settings range from whisper-quiet to turbo. It enables one select the preferred output.


3. Tilt Function

Vornado 660 whole room air circulator churns the air into a column shape and maximizes it coverage. This is because it fluidly tilts between the vertical and horizontal position in the chrome glide to ensure even temperatures in the room. The chrome glide enables the Vornado 660 tilt fully at 90 degrees. This offers it full control of the airflow direction.


4. Solid Spiral Grill

This Vornado air circulator fan has the solid spiral grill that straightens the airflow enhancing the travel of air to long distances. The grill is easy to detach making cleaning of the blades easier and effective. The spiral grill, in addition, offers the special twist on air intensity creating a special effect that enables the travel of air throughout the room.


5. Enclosed Air Duct

Vornado whole room air circulator fan encloses the deep pitch blades in a cylindrical duct sculpting the air into a high-velocity column. This empowers the balance of temperatures throughout the cold and hot zones. The enclosed are ideal for enabling the Vornado 660 achieve its capacity to provide high velocity making it possible for the easy flow of air.


6. Deep Pitch Blades

The presence of deep pitch blades makes the Vornado 660 stand out among other room air circulators. This facilitates the proper circulation of air in the room. The deep blades contribute to its superior performance, as it is able to move the air up to 100 feet. The blades can be removed by removing the three screws for faster cleaning Cleaning inside the fan is very easy. It only requires vacuuming from the backside of this little monster.


7. Inlet Air Accelerator

Vornado 660 whole room air circulator has an air inlet circulator that initiates the vortex circulation. The inlet air accelerator has the ideal size for effective airflow in the room.


8. Long Time Warranty

Vornado is the leading consumer service team in the industry and supports the Vornado 660. This fan is certified by ETL that means is built to meet the United States voltage requirements and 100 percent safe to use. It comes with a five-year warranty regardless of the cost and size. In case something goes wrong, there are repair and replacement options. Replacement is quick and free of charge.


Our Experts Analysis On Different Aspect Of Vornado 660 Air Circulator



Although the Vornado 660 room air circulator is air in comparison with other circulators it is worth the price. This is because it is durable, larger and has great speed. It helps lower the air conditioning and heating bills as you do more with less. This results from the circulator keeping the room comfortable by circulating the available warm or cool air preventing build up on the floor or ceiling. It makes the indoors present and fresh like the outdoors during spring and fall. You can raise the thermostat to several degrees during summer to attain the desired comfort level.



The Vornado 660 room air circulator, the design is ideal for attaining comfortable room temperatures at all seasons. It is constructing using quality plastic and its grills are curved and arranged in a spiral-like shape. During winter position it an unobstructed place with upwards air movement and rate the speed to the necessary levels to lower the heat from the ceiling. During spring and fall, place it in an open window or sliding door for season breezes and mild temperatures. The air circulator creates brisk, comforting air movement by eliminating stagnant air and removes body heat making one feel cooler.



It has 4-speed settings that range from low, medium, high and turbo and effectively moves the air to 30.5m. The speed setting options enable one to set to the preferred temperature rates. A lower setting moves less air through the room and runs quieter than the higher settings. You can control the air and noise movement by changing the power settings. The settings give more speed options and greater air velocity. The turbo speed is the highest speed setting with 584 CFM. The speed setting controls are conveniently located making them easily accessible and easier control of the fan.



Vornado 660 noise depends on the speed settings. It is regarded as the quieter circulator among the other circulators available on the market. The lowest speed settings produce minimal noise with a comfortable flow of air. You can sleep through the medium setting although it is stronger and louder. The high and turbo speed produce relatively loud noise. The air propelled through the blades brings about the noise.


Control System

Vornado 660 room air circulator has speed setting with push buttons to control the flow of air to maintain comfortable room temperatures. It vertical and horizontally fluidly tilts along the chrome glide to allow airflow through all directions. It can tilt to 90 degrees. The speed settings are controlled electronically.



The Vornado 660 contains powerful and durable blades and motor. The inner elements are designed to maximize heating and cooling efficiency to save money and reduce environmental damage. It provides stunning quality as it combines both practicality and aesthetics. It also has matte and dramatic white gloss finishes with a smaller footprint.


Power Consumption

Vornado 600 room air circulator uses at least 43 watts on low, 50 watts at medium and 53 watts at high speed. It uses a high-speed motor to spin the blades and does not use that much energy. It is an energy saver by using less power and minimizes the regular use of the conditioner. This helps save the monthly utility bills as it pushes warm and cool air throughout the room cutting down the use of central heat and air. It has an input voltage of 110V AC.


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Where You Can Use This Vornado 660

Vornado 660 is suitable for indoor use in the home and at the office. This is because its design supports the circulation of cool and warm air. It mixes the cooler air in the lower floor with the hotter air available in the higher part of the ceiling creating a comfortable airflow throughout the room. Another factor that makes it ideal for indoor use is that it produces minimal noise and the blow air is in reasonable volumes. It has a very powerful fan capable of cooling the room in a short time during the warm days. Serves well in a house with air conditioning installed.


What We Liked Most About Vornado 660 

  • Uses the Vortex action- Huge amount of cooling air is produced by a powerful motor and fan blades which are constructed of metal. The vortex action enables it to bounce the air off the walls creating a constant movement of air throughout the room.
  • Durable- It has strong blades and motor giving it a longer performance and value for your money. It has a dramatic and matte finish making it of super quality.
  • Quieter- It produces less noise in comparison with other fans and the noise is relative to the speed settings. It has a variety of speeds to choose from and is virtually quiet on low-speed settings.
  • Elegant look- It is portable with great design as it has a beautiful white finish with polished chrome slide for adjusting the angle of the fan. It is relatively small and compact occupying less space in the room.
  • Easy to clean- It is easy to clean Vornado 660, as the housing is simple to eliminate. You remove the three screws, pop the grill off and later clean the blades with soap.


What We Dislike About Vornado 660 

  • Noisy- It increases the noise with the increase in speed settings. High and turbo levels are very noisy and thus it is not ideal for a bedroom setting. When changing the speed, it produces a disturbing a beep sound.
  • Expensive- It is expensive with most of the features available in other relatively cheaper fans offering the same quality services. Although it has stood out to be better than them on a limited budget, it is not the greatest choice.
  • Assembling after cleaning is not easy. It becomes hard to get the back cover off and it gets harder to clean the blades in between the covers. The market has alternatives that are easier to assemble.
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Final Verdict

Although Vornado 660 large whole room air circulator fan is expensive, it has proved to be worthy of every penny spent on it. The numerous positive reviews online suggest a winning model that is necessary to have. It is also featured as the best fan of the year by The Wire Cutter. From the portability of the fan down to the low power, consumption there are proves that this is an ideal room air circulator. Its Vortex specialty makes it stand out among all other fan models available. Room comfort is important and that is the main Vornado 600 dedication. Get one today and you have a guarantee of superior performance and the elegant look in the room from the matte finish.