Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Which One is the Best?

Many people get stuck choosing between a pedestal and tower fan to use at home or in office. However, both of the fans are good for use in both the places, but you cannot have both of them at your home. Thus, you will need to choose between the two. Deciding which one you prefer should not be a challenge. There are numerous factors one can consider that should help you make the correct choice. You can consider factors, such as space, design and aesthetics, operational cost, portability, safety, and air-flow direction. For the people who do not intend to budget for an air conditioning system, acquiring a fan is one of the other most budget-friendly options you have. Both the pedestal and tower fan are good for use, but each carries their pros and cons. Therefore, one should gather enough information about them both and check their reviews before purchasing. In this article, we will make a comparison between the two to help you choose according to your preference. 

Comparisons Between Tower Fan and Pedestal Fan

1. Types of Both Fan

Basically, Four kinds of pedestal fans are available. They are:

  • Oscillating Pedestal Fan
  • Rotating Grill Pedestal Fan
  • Fixed Variants Pedestal Fan
  • Bladeless Pedestal Fan

On the other hand, the available three versions of tower fans are:

  • Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Bladeless Tower Fan
  • Ceramic Tower Fan

2. Space

The space available for the fan is one of the crucial factors you need to put in mind before acquiring a fan and the location of your home. Many people have designed flats and furniture that can allow a certain type of fan. Therefore, one should check out the space to help you determine the right fan feasible for your room. When one wants to cool a small room, a tower fan can fit correctly since it can fit at any corner of the place. The appliance occupies a considerable amount of space. On the other hand, the pedestal fan can work well in a large room since it contains large blades that can help to circulate air through a large room efficiently. The tower fans are wide on the base and upper body but slim on the middle part. Therefore, the appliances require a larger space. 

3. Noise

Noise level is a factor you should consider when choosing the right fan. For instance, no one wants to lose their sleep during bedtime or concentration at your place of work because of some noisy fan in the house. Putting that into consideration, you will find that the tower fan is regarded as the quieter fan while offering you a proper working environment. The tower fan uses the brushless motor that gives it a quiet feature, and you can even place it as close to you as possible without the fear of noise. The pedestal fan is designed with large and powerful blades that make lots of noise, which one cannot bear while close to you. The pedestal fan gives a high-speed air circulation but makes a lot of noise that can disrupt your concentration while at work or sleeping. 

4. Design

Many people love to have all things matching in the house. Therefore, if you do not want to have your fan standing against, you should go for the tower fan. This type of fan comes in various designs and styles that you can choose from to match your room decoration. The tower fan is appealing and slim fit to occupy the smallest space of your room. The pedestal fan comes with an old-designed style but with adjustable heights. Also, one can rotate the fan to direct the air to the desired area, like the desk, bed, or table. 

5. Running Cost

Many people want a fan that can use the least power energy. Therefore, when considering the energy consumption at long last, you should go for the pedestal fan. The fan uses half the energy the tower fan can use for a period of time while supplying you with the same air circulation. 

Running a pedestal fan will cost around 1-2 cents per hour. On the other hand, a tower fan will cost 2-3 cents depending on the models and features of the fan. Let’s take a look at the electricity consumption of pedestal and tower fan below:

First Yearly Approx. Cost of  a Pedestal fan

Normally the maximum output power rating of a pedestal fan is between 45W-75W. Suppose you have 3-speed setting pedestal fan with output watt rating is 70W.  In both case study, we assume the peak hour electricity rate is 28.7 cents and used the fan 4 hours per day. Approximate Cost in Low, Medium and High-Speed Setting modes is listed below:

Speed SettingPower ( in Watt)Per Hour CostYearly Cost
Low 35 watts0.035x28.7=1 cent$15
Medium55 Watts0.055X28.7=1.5 cent$23
High70 watts0.07X28.7=2 cent$29.5

Now Take a Look At The Expected Cost of Running A Tower Fan

Usually, the output power rating of tower fan is 60W-110W in the highest speed setting mode. Let assume our experimental tower fan rating is 100 W. The calculated yearly electricity cost of tower fan is provided below:

Speed SettingPower ( in Watt)Per Hour CostYearly Cost
Low54 W0.054X29.7=1.5 cent$22.6
Medium83 W0.083X28.7=34.36 cents$34.5
High100 W0.1X28.7=41.9 cent$41


  • You will find the information about the output power rating of a fan in the box or user manual.
  • Bladeless tower or pedestal fan consume less electricity than the traditional or normal tower or pedestal fan.


6. Cleaning

If you are looking for fan that at will take less of your time when cleaning, then, the tower fan is the one for you. The blades of the fan work from deep inside the fan where there is less likely to attract dust and dirt. Therefore, you only require a dry cleaner brush and run it on the outside of the fan to clean it. You do not have to disassemble the fan to clean its blades; you can just use the compressed air. On the other hand, the pedestal fan will require much of your time to clean. You will have to disassemble the fan to wipe the blades clean with a soap solution. After cleaning the pedestal fan, you will need to wipe it dry and put it back together. Therefore, if you can choose pedestal fan if you will have that enough time to spend on it every month. 

7. Air Direction

Pedestal fans flow the air in one direction so it didn’t cool the room. But tower fan circulates the airflow in multiple directions as the blade also moves when it is operating.

8. Price

 Pedestal fan is less expensive than tower fan. But brands of tower fan produce less expensive fan like Lasko tower fan, Honeywell tower fan etc. pedestal fans price range are between 30$-160$ and tower fans are available between 40$-400$.

9. Portability

Both the pedestal and tower fan can get moved around due to their design. However, the tower fan is more efficient to move around because it is made of plastics so that one can pick them up and move them to a different space. Also, most of the tower fan comes with a sturdy carry handle which definitely increases the portability. Moreover, the tower fan occupies a small space. Therefore, the fan can get positioned in many different locations within the room. Normally, pedestal fan is made from aluminum and stainless steel. Hence, it is not welcoming to keep on moving them around. Plus, the fan occupies a larger space that you might not have many places to position it in the room.

10. Performance and Features

We have listed some of the best features of fan in below table and tried to highlight the benefits of this feature in nutshell.

Discussion TopicTower fanPedestal fan
Air purifierTower fan purify the airIt doesn’t have air purifier
Auto shut off You can set the timer in this fan and after the time passed it will automatically shut down.Pedestal fan doesn’t have such kind of function.
Wind speedDecent wind speedWind speed is greater than the tower fan
Adjustable height and angleIt doesn’t come with adjustable height and angle.It’s height is adjustable and you can create angle according to you need.
Remote controlMost of fans have remote controlNo remote control available
TimerAvailable Not available.
DisplayIt has a digital display for setting indicatorA pedestal fan does not have display but some model come with digital display and they are expensive.
Air flowDirect air flow.Can flow direct and indirect air.

10. Safety

A tower fan is safer than the pedestal fan since its blades locate deep inside the fan where kids and pets cannot access. However, the tower fan has a slim base, and one can easily knock it over causing an injury. A bladeless tower fan can fit where safety is crucial since the blades hide from view and the motor locates at the bottom where it helps to give the stability. The pedestal fan has a wide base, but their blades are in view and any size figure can easily through it. So there is a high chance of figure getting whacked with fan blades.

One of the renowned tower fans is Dyson tower fan and this is also known as bladeless tower fan. The reason behind it called so is that the blades of this fan hidden such that you can’t even see it.


Wrap it up

So what’s your choice? it is upon you to decide which fan can suit your requirement. Consider both the pros and cons of both fan and come up with the perfect fan to serve your purpose.
But for me, tower fan is the winner as it safe, good looking and features are really outstanding. If you want to buy a cheap fan and more powerful fan then go for pedestal fan. Investing a little bit extra will give you better and stylish fan. This will value your money and will relieve you from the new investment cycle.
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