New household appliances, machines or devices are always a blessing to your daily living. Bringing new technology will make your day comfortable and relaxed. Before purchasing a tower fan for your home, you need to check the buying guide of tower fan. If you don’t have any idea about the tower fan, you need to get enough knowledge about different parameters of the fan, top features to look up, number of blades, noise level etc.


♡ Variety in choice. Tower fans are available in different styles, size, features, and price. So you can choose suitable one among the vast options. ♡ Space Saving. Most of the high-quality tower fans are slim, sleek and tall. The small and medium size home dweller can easily place tower fan in their apartment. ♡ Noiseless. Some tower fan manufacturer claims that they are completely quiet in operation. Their manufactured tower fan doesn’t create any sound while it is running. But I don’t think so. These fans produce noise, but you can’t notice it from a distance. You can hear it if you come closer to the tower fan. ♡ Safety. Tower fans are a safe option for the family with kids. The blades of tower fans are safely kept inside a grill. The tiny fingers of kids can’t enter in the gaps of grills. ♡ Easy control. The remote control system of tower fan makes it control very easy to operate. You can also run the fan manually, and the display is digital, and the bottoms are user-friendly. ♡Variable Speed. You can change the speed according to your need. You can find tower fans with the 3-8 speed setting option. ♡Efficient. Tower fans are very efficient than the typical fan. These fans can oscillate and circulate the air in the whole room.


♡ Reduce the chance of SIDS. Air Conditioner increases the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) of a newborn baby. Fans like tower fan reduce the risk of SIDS by removing the carbon dioxide of the room as tower fan circulate the air in the whole place. ♡ Sound sleep. The soundless or less noise feature of tower fans makes it suitable for sound sleep. After a long tiring day, the sound sleep is vital for health and a sound mind. ♡Keep the air pure. The air filtration or air ionisation feature makes it unique for other fans and cooling system. A tower fan ionises the air particles and makes it dust free. ♡ Balance the moisture of the skin. Tower fan does not dry the water of the air. So the humidity of air is kept balance in your home. Thus the moisture of your body skin will be maintained balance.



First, the most important thing you need to check is the noise level of the tower fan. If you are using the tower fan in the living room where you watch TV or in the bedroom, you need to buy the quietest cooling option. We can’t imagine fan without motors. It is the most important and essential element of a fan. But motor creates noise when it starts rotating. The manufacturers of tower fan trying their level best to minimize the sound in a tolerable scale. The noise level of a fan measures typically in decibel (dB) unit. So before buying a tower fan, find out the decibel rating carefully. Remember, Remember, the decibel is a logarithmic function. If a small change in the value of the sound score, you may find there is a massive increase in the sound level. The main problem is you may not find the noise rating of the specific fan model in the specification of the fan. We suggest you to use a sound measuring app in your iPhone to measure the sound level of the fan. Our experts used the pro version of Decibel 10 by SkyPaw Co. Ltd for measuring the sound level of our reviewed tower fans.

Popular Tower Fan ModelsMaximum Noise Level in decibel
Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

64 dB

Vornado 184 Air Circulator

55 dB

Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan


Honeywell HY-208 Quietset Tower Fan

55 dB

Ozeri Ultra whole room fan

64 dB

Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

65 dB

Seville Classic Tower fan

68 dB

If you consider noise level of the tower fan models, then Vornado 184 air circulator and Honeywell tower fans are your first choice. Dyson AM07 produce a decent noise in its highest speed setting mode, but in medium and low-speed setting it produces less sound than Vornado and Honeywell Tower Fan models in same speed setting. So if you like to buy Dyson AM07, you can only you need to operate in low and medium speed setting.


The best way you can understand a fan power and capacity is to find the CFM rating of the fan. CFM is defined as the air flowing speed generated by a fan in minutes multiplied by the area that the fan is cooling in cubic feet. You can calculate the time a fan needed to circulate the air in the specific room area. Just divide the measurement of your room (in cubic feet) by the CFM rating of the fan. For Example, If the volume of your room is 1000 cubic feet and the CFM rating of the fan is 2000, then The time to circulate the air in room= 1000/2000=0.5 minute Room height x area of the room in square feet = measurement of room volume in cubic feet. The ideal air circulation time of a tower fan must be 3 or less than this value. For a room of 2000 cubic feet, 650 CFM rated tower fan is enough for comfort.

Tower Fan ModelsCFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)
Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

1300 CFM

Lasko 2551 wind curve fan

650 CFM

Seville Classics Ultra Slimline

550 CFM

Vornado 184 Air Circulator

550 CFM

Honeywell HY-048 Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

650 CFM

Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan

700 CFM


Before buying a tower fan compare the specification and features of all the available brands of the tower fan. The must-have features of the tower fans are:

  • Multiple Speed Setting. 3-5 speed setting is the standard feature of high-quality tower fan. More than that will be more beneficial, and you can have more option to choose the desired speed of the fan in summer.
  • Remote Control. Help you to change the speed and operate the fan at a fair distance.
  • Digital Display. It will show the temperature, fan speed and mode of tower fan.
  • Long power cord. It will give you the freedom to move the fan from one room to another. The ideal length of power cords is 6 feet.
  • Oscillation. Helps to circulate the air in the room more efficiently and frequently.

Additional or advanced level feature you may consider in your tower fan are:

  • Pre-programmable Timer. With the help of this feature, you can preset the operation time of tower fan. Most of the tower fan has 8 hours timer.
  • Thermostat. The function of the thermostat is to turn on the fan when the room reached the temperature you previously set on it.
  • Air Ionizer. Helps to filter the air in the room by ionising it.
  • Tilt. This feature helps to change the direction of the wind upward. So the hot air gathered at the top of the room quickly flow outside the window.

Check out the feature of some of the High-Quality tower fan and create a list of feature you desire in your fan. We checked the specification of some of the top-rated tower fan models and prepared a beautiful and quick table that help you to choose the right fan for your home or office.

 Discussion TopicsDyson AM07 Tower FanHoneywell HY-280 Quietset Tower FanLasko 2551 Wind Curve FanOzeri Ultra 42 inch Tower FanVornado 184 Air CirculatorHolmes Oscillating Tower Fan
Height Measured in Inches39.7632.842.5384132
Base Diameter Measured In Inches9.0510.8139.51110
Weight in lbs6.3910.
Cord length measured in Feet6.565.906.105.56.346.00
Remote ControlYesYesYesYesYesYes
Air Speed Control10 Speed Setting Options8 Speeds Setting Options3 Speeds Setting Options3 Speeds Setting Options4 Speeds Setting Options3 Speeds Setting Options
Temperature ControlYesYesNoYesYesNo
Oscillation ControlYesYesYesYesYesYes
Sleep TimeYesNoYesYesYesYes
Easy TiltYesNoYesYesYesNo


Floor Fans are hazardous for your baby or child. Your child can easily enter their tiny fingers in the fan grill where the blades are running. So while choosing a tower fan, make sure your one has a fine-mesh cage rather than a grille.


For the Smaller room, you can go with the lower power tower fan. But if the room is large and open, then you have to choose a fan that can circulate the air more frequently and efficiently. Read the specification of tower fan carefully. Especially the CFM rating as the capacity to cover a room of a tower fan mainly depends on this rating of tower fan. Also, you have to consider the number of windows in the room. More windows mean more heat waves to enter the room during the summer and spring. In that case, you have to purchase a tower fan with high CFM value than ideal CFM rating you need for your room.


Before making your decorating decision of your home, make it sure that it not only increase the beauty of home but also contribute to comfort. An excellent decorative masterpiece makes your party more fun, kids more delighted, relaxing more comfortable and guests in comfort. An ugly looking home appliance will make you dismal and be faltering while guest suddenly comes to visit your home. So, before taking a decision, be confirmed that it looks terrific and create wow factor in your home. The good news is there is a lot of variation in the design and style various tower fan models. The innovative and classic bladeless design of Dyson tower fans will enhance the aesthetic look of your apartment. Vornado 184 air circulator and Seville ultra-classic is also an impressive option for you to improve the view of your home.


If you want to save money monthly basis, you suggest you go for a tower fan that consumes less power. But our research team observed that the power consumption of different brands and models of the tower fan usage almost similar amount of energy. The table below will describe everything:

Tower Fan Models

Power Usage (in Kilowatt Hour)

Honeywell Hy-280 Tower Fan

0.03 KWH

Lasko 2551 Tower Fan

0.05 KWH

Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Tower Fan

0.05 KWH

Vornado 184 Tower Fan

0.09 KWH

Seville Classic Ultra slimline Tower Fan

0.05 KWH

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

0.05 KWH

Honeywell Hy-048 Tower Fan

 0.03 KWH


If you are willing to use the tower in multiple rooms, then make sure that the device is lightweights and the length of the cord is big.


Everyone forgets to check the duration of warranty. But it is very essential. Most of the tower fan models come with a one-year warranty, but many fan models have a more extended warranty.


It’s very annoying to clean a fan. So before buying a tower fan, make sure that the device is straightforward to clean.

After reading this tower fan buying guideline, we are sure that now you have enough knowledge and idea to purchase a best tower fan for your bedroom or living room. In case, you don’t get any point or if still you are confused, let the Top Cooling Fan know your questions in below comment box. Our expert will definitely help you on your query.