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Seville Classics Ultraslimline Tower Fan Review

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  • Good air circulation capacity
  • Blows speedy air
  • Compact design
  • Fairly silent


  • Still not the quietest tower fan available
  • Squeaking of the tower fan while oscillating
  • Not very durable

Nothing dampens a good day like seating in a stuffy hot room in the house or the office. When in such a situation, you’ll want to have the best fan that will cool air especially during those hot summer days and night.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, capable fan, the Seville Classics UltraSlimeline Tower Fan is a fine choice. It offers the best balance of price, power, noise level, and convenience at a price that’s cheaper than most of the competition.

To that end, we performed extensive research on this model to figure out why it’s rated one of the best at its price point. We spent 30 hours on research and conducted interviews with fan engineers and product testing experts as well as several days measuring air circulation, airflow velocity, and decibel levels this is why you should trust this review as its well researched and conducted.

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Salient Feature of Seville Classics UltraSlimeline Tower Fan

1. Remote Control

The Seville’s remote control works very well, with a 15 ft range making it easy to use even when far from the tower fan. It has no backlight which is a great thing if you need to use it in the bedroom at night and don’t want the annoying light near you.

The bright LCD screen is straightforward and rather easy to use. The control keys are well labeled the remote comes with 2 AAA batteries that can be replaced when they start to wear off. When done using the gadget, you can hook it back at the back of the fan for storage.

2. Programmable Auto Shutdown

With a programmable shutdown, this fan can be set to cool air for a number of hour’s maximum being 7 hours and automatically shut down without you need to wake up and turn it off. This feature is attractive to customers because they can sleep or work even when the fan on and let it cool air to the desired temperature and when attained, the tower fan shuts down until the heat comes up and it restarts to keep cooling the room.

The timer works according to how you have set the fan. It can go for seven hours but it’s best to set it at shorter intervals for it to work optimally. This function ensures that the cooling remains relative to a conducive environment in the house.

3. Oscillation

With widest oscillation range of 75 degrees and a delivery angle of 115 degrees, this tower fan offers directional cooling while rapidly circulating a whole room with refreshing air. This is important for directional cooling when you need on part of the room cooled faster. You can customize the wind with different speeds and two tilt positions and 3 breeze options, constant, natural, sleep which provides you up to 45 various amounts of air circulation.

For a tower fan, it’s very stable; with a balanced, well-built body that is hard to fall over. It has a solid build quality than most of its competitors. The blades are made of steel and won’t bend when under pressure of the speed setting. This is the reason why it’s relatively quiet in the high-speed settings.

4. One Push LED Control Panel

A dial control with 4-speed options enables you to manage the amount of air that flows through the Seville tower fan. On this LCD panel, you can set your fan to run for one to seven hours with its auto timer.

The control panel is found on top of the fan making it accessible even with no light on. This is ideal when you need to adjust settings during the night without having to necessarily switch on lights. You can adjust manually or use the remote control. The settings are high/medium/low/eco-power modes.

The highest setting gives you a cool breeze for a comfortable feeling during the hot days of summer. During the night, running the tower fan on a lower setting is enough to keep the room cool and let you sleep comfortably.

5. Ultra Slim Design

Not only the performance of Seville Classics UltraSlimeline Tower Fan is good but only the outer look of the fan is outstanding. With dark sleek and modern design, this fan sits tall at 40 inches tall, giving you, even more, flexibility to cool your rooms. You can place this fan anywhere in your home without facing any trouble to find a suitable place to keep it work. The small design of the Seville Classics makes it inconspicuous and unobtrusive.

Standing at 40 inches above the ground, the fan can stand on its own and circulate are very well. The outer covering is made of durable black plastic while the blades are made of steel. It’s aesthetically pleasing and will fit well in just about every room at home.

6. Variable Speed Setting

It boasts 4 different speed settings to give you the maximum amount of comfort and flexibility. With this many options, you can tailor your cooling experience to your needs.

This tower fan performs really well and noise-free at low and medium speed setting but one will find this fan loud at high-speed setting.

You can control the speed setting mode using the remote control and manually by using the buttons that are on the top of the tower fan.

Any fan with more than three settings is more than enough to keep temperatures at bay. To get most of its use, set the tilts and the speed to gauge what cooling you can achieve and adjust when temps rise.

7. Steel Intake Grill

This tower fan offers silent efficiency. The fan’s steel body keeps still while the inner grill function oscillates with maximum air movement and very little sound. It’s surprising when a powerful fan can be so quiet at the same time. Even at its highest speed setting, it produces cooling power at the lowest noise level possible.

The steel grills are also very durable adding to the longevity of the cooler. The blades are well placed to ensure they are well protected and are easy to clean. When well taken care of by occasional cleaning, this fan will last long without glitches.

8. Warranty

Seville Classics Provide a year of warranty for their UltraSlimeLine Tower Fan. The warranty will be applicable only if there are unusual defects in fan materials or sudden malfunction in the internal or external part of the fan under normal home or office use during the warranty period.

The warranty will cover minor damages without having to fork out extra money for repairs. Though these fans are not made to last a lifetime, they can withstand the normal wear and tear and deliver good service for a number of years with minimum care.

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Our Editor Analysis Of Seville Classics UltraSlimeline Tower Fan


Retailing at around 60 bucks, it’s reasonably priced for the specs it packs. It’s capable of doing the job with efficiency while saving on the power. The four-speed settings offer enough options for someone looking to cool a smaller room in the house.

The workmanship and design are top notches for a gadget within its price range making it the ultimate buy. The 40-inch fan is big enough to cool a room faster, yet small enough to fit in a tight space with its slim design. It’s durable to make it a worthy buy because it will serve you for a long time without much maintenance except for the occasional cleaning.

The nearest competitor to this model will cost you five times what you will be paying this fan. The Dyson AM07 Tower Fan packs more features which make it more expensive. It offers 10-speed settings and better design and is worth the hefty price tag. However, if you are on the hunt for a cheaper option, this model won’t disappoint.


Many customers have complained of the fans burning out very fast. The fan is not easy to assemble and the remote is sometimes hard to connect to the unit. The blades are known to rattle and produce noise when in the high setting. The tower is easily affected by power surges so it’s best to get a surge protector.

Just with any electrical gadgets, care is essential for them to last long. When not in use store well and avoid placing them in places where they can fall as that will damage them.


Expect natural noise when the air is blowing but other than that, this fan is quite silent. Even at the highest speed, it produces less noise than other tower fans. This an ideal fan for the bedroom or office where silent is much desired.

The steel oscillating grill does the perfect job of cooling air without producing too much noise. The fact that this fan is compact and small adds to its functionality in the home space. Actually, it’s hard to notice a fan is running with the Seville Classics UltraSlimline fan. The amount of noise is tolerable if any.


The tall slim design is very functional. The fan won’t take up much space but will do a great job of keeping air cool in the house. The absence of the annoying backlight is well received and appreciated especially during the night when the light can irritate eyes. The controls are well-placed for accessibility.

The remote control works perfectly within a range of 15 ft and performs well whether in a standing position or when seated. With the 4 speed settings, it becomes easy to custom your cooling needs.


The fan doesn’t sacrifice power and performance. With two tilt speeds, it can be set to cool fast at the highest speed or at a slow rate. Depending on weather conditions of the day, all you need to do is set the controls to the auto timer and let the fan circulate cool air without the need to manually adjust.

The unit comes with a remote that enhance the performance of the fan even at longer distances so you have control at your fingertips. Safety is not an issue with this model, you can’t bend the blades and it’s impossible for a small baby to reach the blades with hands making it safe. It’s sturdy enough to stand on its own and won’t fall easily.



Where Can Use This Fan? 

This tower is best for home and office use. It’s for use in relatively small spaces that don’t require a lot of circulation. Since the fan is compact, it will work best with directional cooling where you focus on a particular part or room of the house.

It can be used in the bedroom or in the office at night as it doesn’t have a backlight and its quite so it won’t interfere with sleep because it’s a quite machine. It’s also very safe with the auto timer that will switch off after the set duration is over without risking the people in the house.

The compact design makes it the ideal fan for small homes where every inch of the room counts. It can be placed in a corner of the room or on top of sturdy furniture and take up very little space.


  • It has good air circulation capacity as the fan can oscillate.
  • Blows fairly speedy air and easily cover a good size room.
  • The remote control gives extra convenience to use this fan in the bedroom.
  • The compact design helps to fit this fan in the corner of your living or bedroom.
  • Fairly silent operation.


  • Still not the quietest tower fan available.
  • Squeaking of the tower fan while oscillating.
  • Not very durable.

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Final Verdict

The Seville Classics UltraSlimline is by far the best tower fan for the money. It’s the most powerful, for its price. It’s capable of doing a good job of cooling a fairly big room at a fast rate. Top Cooling Fan experts found that this tower fan only problem is sound while running. It produces audible noise on high-speed setting but performs quieter in low-speed setting mode. So, our expert recommends you to use this fan at low-speed setting especially during the sleeping time as the night temperature is always cooler than daytime. Other time, use it at high-speed setting. Its well designed in black and will stand out in your room. The four speeds will ensure you are taken care of inside your home no matter the degrees outside. If you are looking to replace or to invest in a new fan, chose this unit. Seville is well known for making durable functional cooling solutions that are fairly priced.


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