Top cooling FanGlobal warming is a threat for the developing countries and the world. We are using and burning natural resources very incautiously. One of the leading cause of global warming is power plants that unitize coal, gas or oil as their fuel. All of us very familiar with Air Conditioner and we all are using it to cool our house or office. It consumes power like hell. Also, air conditioner produces some residual gasses that are very harmful to the environment and the main reason for global warming.

So Top Cooling Fan is taking some necessary step to promote the use of electric fan instead of air conditioner. For this purpose, we are looking for some DIY project that can be used to cool human efficiently without causing pollution.

If you have ever done small projects at home or in your dorm related this topic, Share it with Top Cooling Fan.

The project must be useful, easy to make and most importantly environment-friendly.


Scholarship Details


Available To:


✔ Full time or part time undergraduate or postgraduate students studying in any colleges or university can participate in the contest.

✔ Engineering students are highly encouraged to take part in this scholarship project.

✔ International students are also most welcome.


Award Value: 1000$


✒The winner will get prize money of 500 US Dollar.

✒1st Runner Up will get prize money of 300 US Dollar.

✒2nd Runner up will get prize money of 200 US Dollar.


Application Deadlines

Deadline is March 30, 2018.


Contact Details

For any queries and assistance, please contact at


How to Submit Your Application


Step 1: Write a Unique article

The article must be between 700-3000 words.  First, take some time and write an attractive title for your DIY project. We suggest you write your words in a doc file as you have to submit us a doc file. Include step by step instructions how to make the project at home, Types of equipment needed to complete the project, Tips & precautions, Benefits of your DIY project. Write all above information in a doc file.

Step 2: Add Some Related Media

Include some related and real picture that will help us and the readers to understand the instructions easily. It will definitely increase the chances of winning the scholarship. The image must be high quality and must be in PNG or JPG format. You can also make a video or podcast if you think it is appropriate for getting the instruction and make your article more attractive.

Step 3: Add your Detail Information

Include your details in a start of the doc. The information you have to include:

✒ Personal Details (Name, Phone Number, and Address)

✒ College Name

✒ Area of study

Step 4: Send the file

Email the file with your college or university email ID at


What Points you Have to Highlight in the Article:


☑ The title of the Project.

☑ Time needed to complete this project.

☑ Need equipment, tools or materials to build this project.

☑ Step by step instruction how to complete this project.

☑ Include the cost to complete this project.

☑ What experience needed to complete this project?

Top cooling fan will send you a “Thank You” email when you submit us your article. If your article doesn’t fulfill our requirement, you will not get any reply email from us. You have to check out the instructions carefully. You can also resubmit the article again with proper correction if you don’t get any email.

Points & Other Details


Points Parameter:

Our Team will decide the winner based on the following parameter:


☑ Article quality and length- 30 points.

☑ Article supported by high-quality media – 20 points.


Winner Declaration:

Winners will be declared on this scholarship page on 2 April 2018.

Winners will be contacted via email, and the award will be sent a check to financial aid department with winner name.




✉ The top 3 article will feature in

✉ A student can submit multiple projects.

✉ By submitting the article, a student gives us permission to use the article to use in any promotional and marketing purpose to another website.

✉ The article must be 100% unique, and we advise you to check plagiarism of the article.

✉ At least 500 words are needed to participate in the contest. Otherwise, it will be count as rejected.