A bunch of tower fans is available in the market, but only a few brands are committed to fulfilling the consumer requirements. Today topcoolingfan.com is going to reveal the best product of one of the trusted manufacturers brand Ozeri. This Tower Fan is available in the market and online with name Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan. This Ozeri tower fan is stylish, sturdy, space saver and attractive for your home and workplace like an office.

Product Summary

Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan is tall but not bulky rather than this fan is slim and sleek. The height of this tower fan is about 42 inches long. The weight of this fan is only 10 pounds. This kind of lightweight fan is very easy to move different room. Rectangular cylindrical design of the body above the rod makes it look more classic. Bottom portion composed of a circular base and a thin circular rod. The circular rod attached to the circular base.

The body of the tower fan is made of high-quality plastic, not like cheap plastic material like Lasko tower fan. But the base is very lightweight as it is also constructed of plastic materials. This may create some sort of problems while it is running.

There is a beautiful remote control storage spot on the top beside the control panel of the tower fan.  The remote control is very tiny but stylish. It is very easy to hold and operate. As the remote control is small in size, there is a chance of mislay it. But thanks to remote storage space. It solves this big issue.

This Ozeri tower fan is manufactured in the USA and it achieves a great trust value. The customer care service is very responsive and excellent. This product is available in trustworthy e-commerce Amazon, eBay, and WalMart. The price range of this tower fan is between 70$-80$ depending on the occasion and offers available.



Ozeri Ultra Wind fan was first made for one of the famous 5-star resort. The guests of that resort gave it a positive feedback. They applaud the new and unique look of the fan.

After that, Ozeri decided to sell it for the normal home user and consumer. The design of this tower fan is very sophisticated and ultra slim. The ultra slim design saves the space, and it is easily fit in anywhere in your bedroom. So enhance your home decoration with this eye-catching looks.


The engineers of Ozeri claims that this tower fan has created a great achievement by making it more quiet, but speedy in air velocity. This tower fan creates a new benchmark with its high speed but emitting noise in very low in DB.


This Ozeri tower fan model has three preprogrammed time to maintain the air flow. The three preprogrammed timers are designed with such airflow patterns to foster sleep, relaxation, and comfort. Also, you can program it according to whether or your mood with 12-hour timer in 1 hour of increments.


The digital display of Ozeri Ultra tower fan shows the room temperature, speed, and mode of the fan. This multicolor LED display is sensitive to light. At night the display will automatically dim, and this small technology makes it splendid for light-sensitive sleepers.


A very attractive remote control makes this tower fan very user-friendly for home and office user. There is also remote control storage in the top of the tower fan. You can monitor the speed, preprogrammed timer, and OSC with this remote control sitting on a chair.


The fan can oscillate 90 degrees. So it will give your family relief in summer as this fan will circulate the air in the room.


The bottom of this tower fan is located on the top side of this fan. So it is very easy to control and access to the features of the fan like speed, mode, and timer.  There is also a remote control storage in this section.


Ozeri Ultra Wind Curve has a unique extension column to adjust the fan height according to your need. You can vary the height of the fan between 32 inches to 42 inches.


Ozeri tower fan has warranted for one year from the purchase of this fan. You will get a warranty card with the shipping box.


  • The fan is very quiet when it is working or operating. Even on the highest speed setting the sound generated by the motor of the fan is about 40db.
  • Very little time needed to assemble this fan after you bought it. It will take 2-3 minutes if you follow the instruction in the user manual.
  • The display is very visible and crystal clear like pure liquid. You can read the display even at night.
  • The speed of this fan is the best. You can notice and detect the air flow from 12-13 feet distance from the fan.


  • The circular base of this tower fan is very unstable. This base is made of lightweight plastic materials. So be aware of the usual situation when the fan is oscillating.
  • The weak base of fan creates the wobble when the fan is oscillating.
  • There is no plastic clip in this fan. So the AC cord tangles in the base. It is very hassling to remove the knot and readjust it. You have to buy some cheap plastic clip for solving this problem.


After a long research and test, we come to a discussion that Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind fan is best suitable for your bedroom and living room. This tower fan looks very classy, and air flow is magnificent. The range of remote control is outstanding, and you can change the height of the fan. The only problem with this fan is the base of this fan as we discussed it in cons section of the fan.

Overall we will give it 4.2 out of 5. We are pleased with this fan overall quality though it has some limitation. So it is 100 percent recommended by the experts of  topcoolingfan.com.

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Mohiuddin Shawon

Mohiuddin Shawon is the Chief Editor and Content Researcher of topcoolingfan.com. He is also the chief editor of The Blazing Home . Mohiuddin Shawon is a professional Electrical Engineer. He is the main pillar of Top Cooling Fan. His engineering skill and research help us to find the top quality fan for the general public.