The Lasko 4443 hybrid tower fan has a sleek metal and plastic design. The colors range from silvery grays to shiny blacks across the entirety of the fan. The fan has a slim space-saving design that won’t deter from the decor of the room. This Lasko 40″ tower fan comes with a unique set of features that make operation and usefulness top priority.

Lasko 4443 Hybrid Tower Fan

Features of Lasko 4443 Hybrid Tower Fan

Cool Remote Control

The Lasko 4443  hybrid tower fan has an included remote. The fan has a remote storage location on the back in the form of a hook, so when you aren’t using it, you’ll never lose it!

The remote design makes it easy to fit in any hand, and the four buttons make operating the fan a breeze (pun intended).

From the comfort of your seat, you can control the fan’s oscillation, turn the night light feature on and off, shift between the fan’s speed settings, and even power the fan on and off.

Easy Operating Buttons

If you prefer operating the fan’s functions from the body itself, the four topside buttons will do the trick. Just as the remote, these buttons placed on the fan itself have the designs making it easy to know which does what.

The middle button operates the power of the fan, while placed around that, the remaining buttons control the oscillation, the night light, and the different fan speed settings.


This Lasko 40″ tower fan comes with a feature that delivers widespread oscillation. It rotates back and forth 90 degrees each way, leaving no area of the room uncovered.

With a push of the button, either on the fan itself or the remote control, the oscillation will commence, and the chosen power of airflow will cover the designated area of your room.

Night Light Feature

From the button on the fan or the button on the remote control, the night light function will make it easy to spot in the evening. You can avoid stubbing your toe against the fan or having a hot child afraid of the dark all in one.

The night light feature gives off a subtle beam of light and you can decide whether you’d like it on or off.

3 Powerful Speeds Setting

There are three different speed options for everyone’s cooling needs. It can reach maximum power or create a low air flow to keep the air circulating throughout the room.

The Lasko Hybrid tower fan has 30% more air delivery than other standard tower fans. The three levels of speed will bring comfort to any space.

Rating of Lasko 4443 Hybrid Tower Fan

Price – 3/5

At $65, the price leaves something to be desired. Some fans will do the same task at a well lower price.

However, if you are looking for customization choices and a top of the line device, the Lasko 4443  hybrid tower fan is a steal compared to other high-end fans with similar designs and features.

Durability – 5/5

With the night light feature ensuring you don’t knock it over in the dark of the evening and the 40″ inch height making it noticeable in the daytime hours, the durability gets an upgrade.

Those features will make it hard to send it crashing to the floor. Made of hard plastics and metal, it will last throughout the years.

Functionality – 5/5

The functionality of this Lasko 40 inches tower fan is second to none. With the remote and the body of the fan itself having the same operating sources, the fan is so easy to use from any position.

The three separate speeds make it easy to choose the proper comfort level. The oscillation makes the area it covers much wider than a standard still fan.

Noise Level – 4/5

The Lasko 4443 tower fan give off a low-frequency hum. It is not too loud and is perfect for those who enjoy a little white noise during their day or when taking their slumber.

The different settings apparently give off a different level of noise, but they are all comfortable and do not rack the mind.

Design – 5/5

The design for this type of the fan is perfect. The Lasko 4443 tower fan is full of neutral colors so that it will fit any room decor. The slim design saves space, so putting it in a corner won’t cause and clutter while cooling the entire room at the same time.

With easy to reach buttons and location to store the remote, the design of this Lasko 40″ tower fan is top notch.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Lasko 4443 hybrid tower fan is a massive upgrade from fans of yesteryear. There will be no disappoint had with the purchase of this fan, that is a guarantee. If you need a fan with customization that is slim, but still powerful, do not hesitate to purchase this Lasko 4443 tower fan.