We all know how excruciating the summer heat could be at sometimes. However, you shouldn’t suffer in silence since you can simply improvise and wade off the extreme heat in your humble abode. It is not a shock to experience an extreme heat wave whose temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Do you stick your head in the freezer in such occasions? I don’t think so! It is the high time you take action and keep off activities that increase the heat levels in your house.

You can opt to skip cooking once in a while. You may also forget about a hot shower and a hot coffee as well for the sole reason of maintaining a chilled indoor environment. In most cases than not, people opt to crank their ACs to cool themselves, but there are also other alternative ways to buffer your heaven from the excessive summer heat that will not rack-up your electric bill every end of the month. With just a little ingenuity and a good fan, the heat in your house could be a thing of the past. Here is how.

30 Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

1. Go for the Right Fan

Trust me; you need a lifesaver during the summer heat, which could come in the form of a good ceiling fan or tower fan. Ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise with a downdraft and are quite effective. For convenience, choosing the right-sized fan will go a long way to help cool your entire room whether you want to cool the table room or the bedroom. During the day, the fan speeds up the process of cooling and slows down in the evenings.

2. Open a Window at Night

How does this help? Most people do not know how cracking a window open at night can help when they just spent the entire day evading the humid heat of the summer. It sounds counter-intuitive, right? However, as sarcastic as it may seem, temperatures are known to cool off in the night. What better way can you take advantage of the fluctuation than to let some of the cool air streams in your house through the window? All that’s required of you is to erect a fan in front of an open window, and it will allow the cool air breeze that will cool the entire room.

3. Keep the Blinds Closed

How does this help? Most people do not know how cracking a window open at night can help when they just spent the entire day evading the humid heat of the summer. It sounds counter-intuitive, right? However, as sarcastic as it may seem, temperatures are known to cool off in the night. What better way can you take advantage of the fluctuation than to let some of the cool air streams in your house through the window? All that’s required of you is to erect a fan in front of an open window, and it will allow the cool air breeze that will cool the entire room.

4. Prudent Door Handling

Open doors provide a lee-way for air to stream in the house. Therefore, closing unused rooms significantly prevents cool air from penetrating these areas during the hot days and the cool air remains only in the room in use. Besides, doing this saves your fan from overworking while cooling areas that are not in use. If your bedroom is not being used during the day, no matter how cozy and magnificent it looks while open, please shut its doors. After a warm shower, it is advisable to keep the fun running to minimize the steam and humidity in the house. Also, you can take advantage of the night’s cool air and open the doors to let the air to flow in the house freely.

5. Icing Up

Yes! You heard me right. As silly as it looks, it sure does work. All that you are required to do is position your standing fan right behind a bowl of ice or ice packs and position the fan strategically. A cool breeze will flow, cooling your room almost instantly without the extra cost on your bill. It is not only a simple way to cool your house but also a brilliant and an economic one. This method works like magic to give you an extra-chilled and an extra-misty atmosphere.

6. Turn Off Electronics

Electronics produce waste heat when running. Therefore, if they are not in use, it is recommended to switch them off to spare your fan from working overtime when it doesn’t need to. During the day, you can power down your laptop and televisions set and turn them on only when required. In the night, be sure to use only the lights you need, and you’ll tremendously reduce the unwanted heat and your electricity bill.

7. Prudent Use of your Kitchen

It goes without saying that some kitchen appliances emit a lot of heat. Oven and stove usage increase the heat levels in your house. Why use them while your home is already burning up with heat? Making use of stoves with an exhaust fan will go a long way in cooling your house.

8. Sleep low

Scientifically, warm air rises since it is lighter than cold air. Therefore, you can simply opt to spend your night downstairs or the basement where the air is obviously cooler than the rooms in the upper section of the house. Better yet, you can abandon your cuddling bed and sleep on the floor because the air feels cooler there compared to the bed.

9. Heat-Proofing your Bed

When the heat is too much to bear, and you need sleep so badly, then it leaves you no choice but to put a cool pillow under your head and a bottle filled with chilled water at the foot of your bed. This cooling approach is strange, but it dampens your sheets helping you to cool and chill out at night.

10. Change your Bedsheets

Other than freshening up your bedroom, swapping sheets works sensationally to keep you cool. Making use of cotton sheets goes a long way towards offering a cool atmosphere in your bedroom since they breathe easier and also stays cooler. Besides, acquiring a buckwheat pillow will aid in this cooling quest since it has airspace that do not hold on to the heat from your body.

11. Invest in Blackout Curtains

How do blackout curtains work to cool your house? During the day they block sunlight filtering in through the windows and doors, naturally insulating the house. You can use neutral-colored curtains that come with a plastic backing to help reduce heat gain by a whopping 33%.

12. Be Self-Centered

AC technology was not around until the new digital era. However, people still cooled themselves even without it. If they managed to cool themselves effectively, so can you. You could drink cold beverages from time to time; choose your clothing wisely, and also dip your feet on the cool water in the middle of the night.

13. Use Exhaust Fans or Window Fan

Exhaust fans or window fans are a common feature in most bathrooms and kitchens. Making use of them would significantly reduce the heat in the house. When you take a shower, turn it on; when cooking, turn it on, and the heat and humidity emanating from these areas will reduce.

14. How about a Whole House Fan?

Is there anything like a whole house fan? The answer to that is yes! Despite being by-passed by time; these fans work effectively. It works by sucking on all the hot air in home cooling all the rooms simultaneously.

15. Energy Efficient Bulbs

Regular bulbs produce and radiate excess heat while lighting a house. Using them when heat levels are intolerable only compounds the heat menace in your home. Hence, it is wise to switch to more energy efficient lighting that does not produce much heat.

16. Freeze your Sheets and Sleeping Gear

Due to the excessive heat during the day, sleeping can be a headache later on in the night. However, this can be temporarily solved by freezing your sheets and pajamas. As crazy as it may sound, this approach works just fine and cools your body helping you to sleep soundly ready to face the heat menace during the next day.

17. Loosen Up

Summertime is all about hot weather and if air conditioning is not an option, then loosening up is. Your choice of clothing during this heated-up season should be loose and also less on your body. Consider wearing shorts and tank tops until the heat wave subsides.

18. Focus on your Pulse Points

Do you know your pulse points? Applying coolants on your pulse lowers the temperature of your body tremendously. Hence, occasionally placing ice packs or simply a damp cloth on these pulse points on your body will lower your body temperature and will help you stay cool.

19. Sleep Alone

This may sound blunt. However, in as much as it may not work for every soul, sleeping apart from your loved one will significantly help in keeping you cooler.

20. Stay Hydrated

During the hot season, our bodies lose much water through sweat in an effort to keep our body temperature lower. Therefore, it is paramount to keep drinking water to prevent dehydration by sweating. Also, drinking lots of water helps to cool your body and your house to some extent.

21. Frequent Cold Baths

Well, not many people fancy a cold shower. Nonetheless, in such situations, it is a necessity and the frequent, the better. Against your skin during a heated day, a cold shower feels wonderful, and it greatly helps to regulate your body temperature leaving you feeling cooler.

22. Use Rice

Forget the ice packs or the hot water bottles; rice works just as good to offer you a cool environment. How does it work? You simply place rice inside a sock and freeze it for roughly one hour. When frozen, it functions just as effective as an ice pack.

23. Stay Suspended

Suspended beds and seats play a significant role in the cooling process. The suspension allows air to flow around you freely. In turn, it cools you, and you can be guaranteed of a cool night’s sleep until morning.

24. Get Damp

Never belittle the power of getting damp and naked. Combined with a fan then you have all you need to stay cool even with the excessive heat around. The combination of this relaxation treat significantly helps to keep you chilled-out.

25. Hang Out

You can easily cool down an entire room by simply hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. With the blowing breeze from the surrounding, the cool air will help bring down your room’s temperature.

26. Use a Bamboo Mat

As rustic as this may sound, it actually works effectively. Compared to the mattress on your bed, a bamboo mat is not as comfortable. However, it does not retain heat as opposed to your spongy and springy mattress. When temperatures soar, a bamboo mat comes in handy.

27. Go Egyptian

It is common knowledge that the better part of Egypt is a desert and the temperatures out there are unbearable. However, they came up with a cooling technique, which involves dampening of a sheet or towel in cold water and then use it as a blanket. However, to avoid soaking your cozy mattress, you can improvise and lay the damp sheets on a dry piece of cloth, and it guarantees you a sound night’s sleep without breaking a sweat.

28. Plant Trees and Vines

Green house-coolers help to shade the exterior of your house and keeps sunlight off your windows. Planting them facing the walls from the west works effectively to counteract the strong rays of the sun.

29. Weatherizing your Home

Doing this reduces the rate at which your house loses conditioned air. Using caulk and weather-stripping helps to cut back on the transfer of this air around doors and windows.

30. Remove Hot Air from your Attic

Ventilating your roofs goes a long way in getting the hot air out of your house while cooler air is drawn in by using soffit or eave vents. This is an effective option that is likely to work for you.

Wrap it up

It is clear that you may not need to have an air conditioner to stay cool during the hot summer seasons. With a little creativity, you can develop your cooling mechanisms that not only keep your house habitable but also cut your bills tremendously. Moreover, even if you have an air conditioner sitting tight in your home, you will not require it as much if you try out these natural ways of cooling yourself and your house.

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