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How to Clean a LASKO Fan

Understanding how to clean a LASKO Fan is quite imperative and part of the things you must consider when you are buying one. There are different designs and models of LASKO fans available for domestic use. This makes the cleaning of each model different. The varieties of LASKO Fans are pivoting floor, window, box, pedestal and tower ones. The blades of your LASKO fan may pick up debris and dust like dander and pet fur in the course of circulating the air in your house. Not a new thing for fans, is it?

Therefore, you are expected to clean the appliance on a regular basis to make sure it is functioning perfectly well and is giving optimum performance.

Types of Lasko Fans Available

The most popular three versions of Lasko fans are:

  • Tower Fan
  • Pedestal Fan
  • Window Fan

Cleaning Different Types of LASKO Fans 

How to Clean A Lasko Tower Fan


The LASKO Fan units were manufactured to offer a high-velocity air stream in a compact package and the ionic units. Making use of the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner is the most effective way of cleaning a top-notch tower fan. Tower Fan models entail the ionic and the space-conservation high-velocity blowers.

In addition, LASKO Tower fans have the additional advantage of being able to eliminate allergens, dust, mold spores and pet dander from the air. The cleaning procedure of this fan is mainly the same and involves affixing a soft haired brush to the vacuum cleaner and sucking the dirt from the grill region.

Follow these steps to clean Lasko Tower Fan:

  1. The very first step you need to take to clean this type of LASKO fan is to affix a brush attachment to the vacuum you want to use for cleaning the fan.
  2. Vacuum the intake grill of your fan to get rid of debris, dust, and dirt already gathered without opening the housing of the fan.
  3. Use a soft cloth to clean only the outer fan housing. Furthermore, you can use vinegar or rubbing alcohol to clean more pushy marks!

How to Clean a Lasko Pedestal Fan

The pedestal LASKO Fan is a multipurpose selection that comes with an adjustable height and tilt-back head that makes it a sensible alternative to the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Let’s take a look at the steps How to Clean a Lasko Pedestal Fan:

  1. Start the cleaning of this fan by first disassembling both the front and rear grills, to ensure meticulous cleaning.
  2. This is the step where you have to clean the blade parts thoroughly after you have taken them apart. This is done by reversing the directions of the assembly.
  3. Fill a sink or big bowl warm mild soap like dishwashing detergent and dip the blade and grills of the fan inside it, and gently wipe them down with a soft cloth. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe down other parts of the fan. In case there are areas with a large accumulation of dirt, use awesome cleaner.
  4. Wipe all other parts of the fan with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water, instead of submerging them in water.
  5. Use clean or plain water to rinse the parts after cleaning and let them totally air-dry before putting your fan together again for use.

How to Clean a Lasko Window Fan

This is either a single or twin-sized window fan that offers provide different features and it is very quiet in use.

Steps to Cleaning a Lasko window fan:

  1. Take the fan out of the window and position it faces up on the floor.
  2. Use Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws around the perimeter.
  3. Get the grill cover lifted from the main part of the fan.
  4. Use a kitchen towel to clear any big pieces of debris
  5. Clean the internal parts of the fan such as the blades, great, panel, and knobs with soapy water
  6. Allow these parts to air-dry completely
  7. Put the fan together and put it back in its position in the window.

Tools Needed while Cleaning

In addition to knowing how to clean a LASKO Fan, you must be able to identify some of the tools needed to make your fan exceptionally clean and free from bacteria and germs.


Brushes for cleaning LASKO Fan are available in different types including flexible brush and duster.

You can use the duster to remove dust from the grills of your fan, particularly when you don’t want to disassemble it.

Germicidal Cleaning Products

It is noteworthy that your fan moves the air you breathe but the blades do not contaminate it with bacteria and germs. Therefore, make use of germicidal cleaning products to clean your fan to make sure air contamination does not happen.

Germicidal cleaning products you can use are the disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes.

Other Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver (Phillips’ head)
  • Electronic Vacuum
  • Small bowl you can use to keep screws removed from the fan
  • A container of compressed air or air compressor
  • Soft cloth

Tips & Precaution

Understanding how to clean a LASKO Fan is one part, knowing the tips and precautions associated with cleaning of these fans another crucial aspect of cleaning a LASKO Fan. Hence, you need to adhere to the following for a successful and safe LASKO Fan cleaning:

  • Make sure you turn off the fan and remove it from the electric outlet before you start your cleaning. This precaution relates to any fan style and model.
  • For easy cleaning of the fan, free up adequate space on the workbench or floor
  • Avoid touching the motor in the course of cleaning, particularly if it had been running before you cleaned it
  • Do not open the housing of your fan in an attempt to clean it
  • It is better if you choose to clean you fan outside your house instead of indoors.

Wrap It  Up

The first thing you must understand when it comes to how to clean a LASKO Fan is that cleaning depends on the type of LASKO Fan involved. Another thing is that cleaning your fan regularly will save you and your family from allergies and keep your fan in perfect working condition. Lastly, don’t be careless when cleaning your LASKO Fan, but follow the tips and safety precautions as highlighted above to make the entire cleaning process a breeze and remarkable.





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