best Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is a good and exceptionally quiet fan with multiple speeds, fully functional remote control, timer and lots more. It can oscillate and there is no way you can assemble it in the wrong way because all its parts were made to fit into place in only one way.

The wide range of exceptional features of this fan is what makes it great and more attractive than other tower fans. To make a good judgment about this fan, therefore, it is very important to look at its features vividly.


Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan was designed in a way that will offer quiet operation, conserve space and fits roughly anywhere. The 3-speed settings and oscillation are another great feature of this fan. Despite the fact that the fan comes with a narrow footprint, it has motorized oscillation which helps it to have a wide cooling coverage area.

On the other hand, the remote control operation feature will let you adjust the air circulation and cool with a fast push of a button, making you enjoy the convenience.

Furthermore, there is a place on the unit where you can keep the remote. The multi-functional control panel of this fan is what makes it great and distinguished. With this feature, you can easily manage the speed settings of the fan for personalized comfort.

In addition, you can regulate the timer for about 8 hours of uninterrupted cooling run duration.


With many different settings of this Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan , it works perfectly and the greatest part of it is the remote control function it comes with. With this tower fan in your bedroom, you can easily operate it from your bed without having to get up.

However, the oscillation mechanism is sometimes noisier than the fan and there was a customer complaint of the spout of dispenser breaking in one week of purchase of the fan.

The remote sensor is located on top, making it a little difficult to control with the remote sometimes, particularly when is oscillating. It could be better if the sensor is put on the side.

The fan is also amazing for 1, 2, 4 or 8-hour timer and it is not easy to knock down, unlike other top heavy circle types.

In view of the fact that it is not super strong like the more traditional big circle fans, it is good enough and perfects for a limited space. So far so good, it is easy to assemble, lightweight and easy to use and it is a nice fan for the price.


Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is very easy to use except for some of the complaints highlighted above. Above all, it is a user-friendly fan that works as promised and is easy to assemble as well.

The instructions for putting it together are simple to understand and straight to the point.


It comes with components made of high standard and quality materials that will give you value for your money. Also, metal screws entered the plastic material and this could easily strip of its thread and the platform comes in a light plastic.

Overall, it comes in an all sturdy and durable form. You can be sure of it working well for quite a period of time, which will be far better than other similar cheap tower fan products available.


The fact that this fan operates silently is one of its greatest features, except for few customers who complained that it is noisy in operation after a few days of use.

By and large, it is much quite in comparison to many other tower fans in this range


Going by the features and functionality of Holmes Tower Fan, it can be concluded that this fan is easy to operate, stress-free to manage, quiet in operation, easy to regulate with the remote, maintains the room temperature with its timer and thermostat and works as promised.

Few issues reported about the fan are that the fan makes a loud thumping noise when it runs in extreme heat, but that’s just a few cases. It is perfect for an average sized room, but will not be sufficient to circulate air very well in a medium sized bedroom.

Final Verdicts

Overall, the Holmes Oscillating tower fan seems to go quite well with its inaudible functioning and sturdiness. If you are hunting for a nonbulky tower fan for your average sized bedroom, you can stop at this one.