While buying a product we only look its features, design, performance, efficiency, etc. but we totally ignore one very important point: Is it good for your health. Technology is a blessing in our life, but some modern products can create some fatal diseases. So when buying a product, make sure that the product is good for your health also.

We always use air cooling machine to keep our body temperature normal and this machine make us comfort in the hot summer. We always buy this product base on the question how well it cools us? How quickly it cools us?

But we don’t think about health benefits of this machine.
So today you will get some great important health benefits of tower fan.

Tower fan is becoming popular nowadays. Not only for its unique features like noiseless fan, Bladeless fan, and most energy efficient fans, but also for its unique health benefits.
In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of Tower fan. The information in this article is based on good research on some of the popular online newspapers like Times of India and some of the experts on the human body like a dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and pulmonologist.

health benefits of tower fans

Fundamental Health benefits of tower fan

  • In a hot weather condition, the four major chemicals of our will be out of balance. This chemicals influence our happiness. So the unbalance in this major chemical creates irritability. Tower fan cools our body and makes us happy in hot summer.
  • When working on an extremely hot climate it high the blood pressure of the body. Tower fan keep the body temperature normal during extreme weather. Thus, it makes our blood pressure normal.
  • If we overheat our body temperature in summer or extreme hot environment, it will affect our nervous system. This phenomenon will make us tired in normal working days. Tower can balance our body temperature and remove fatigue.

Unique health benefits of tower fan

Reduce the Chances of sudden Infant Death Syndrome of Babies:

SIDS (sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or also known as cot death is the unexpected or unthinkable death of a healthy baby. Research shows that tower fan can reduce the risk of SIDS of a newborn healthy baby by over 70%. One of the main causes of cot death is environmental stress. The main reasons of environmental stress are smoking tobacco, cigars and cigarettes and some kind of breathing obstruction. This kind of environmental stress can easily be reduced by a tower fan.

Sometimes carbon-di-oxide trapped in the room creates environmental stress for a baby and increase the chances of SIDS. But a tower fan circulates the air well and brings fresh air. So carbon-di-oxide can’t be trapped in room.
On the other hand air conditioner can’t exhaust the carbon-di-oxide easily because door and windows of room must keep close to cool the room properly.

Keep balanced respiratory system

In summer when we return home for extreme hot condition and we turn on our AC keep our home cool that makes us comfort. But this sudden change in temperature and humidity badly affects our respiratory system. This causes the diseases like cough, cold, sore throat, runny nose etc.

Research shows that if anyone works in a building or office which constantly pumps cool air, they have more chances to experience constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing problem.
A tower fan cools the temperature of room slowly so that we can adjust the room temperature gradually. So there is no chance of breathing problem and irritation.

Sound sleep:

A sound sleep is very important to keep our body fit and healthy and keeping our mind fresh to do our daily work. Sometimes we wake up hearing some kind of unusual sound and this incident ruin our sleep. An air conditioner creates ambient noise when it has some kind of mechanical problem. So this kind of irritating sound ruins your sleep.

On the other hand, one of the best and awesome features of tower fan is that it is noiseless. It is very hard to hear sound for the best tower fan.

Filter the air and flow healthy fresh air

One of the best features of a tower fan is the air ionizer. It makes this fan more unique than the electric fan. Air ionizer ionizes the air molecule and removes the dust and other harmful particles. Thus it flows the fresh and healthy air in our room or office.

Keep skin healthy:

Dermatologist research shows that if we spend most of the time in AC, it will make the skin and mucous membranes Dry. It happens because AC removes humidity from indoor air so air uses the moisture of the skin.
Tower fan doesn’t remove the water from the air so it keeps the humidity balanced with the environment.

Keep home Bacteria, mold and fungus free

Air conditioner accumulates water or moisture in the coils and fan blades from condensation when it is circulating cool air in the room. As a result, this moisture creates Bacteria, mold, and fungus in blades and coils. This makes our house unhealthy.

Tower fan doesn’t have any condenser to keep the room temperature low. Tower fan cools the room normally. So the blades and coil of tower fan are safe from Bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Fans Move Pests Away from Your Food and Room

Pests like flies, mosquito etc. carry diseases and these pests will land on your food or on your body and this will create fatal disease. Moreover, most pathogens are airborne. Tower fan is very high speed and it also has speed setting. So it will move the pests and pathogens away from you and your food

Remove the fatigue:

Research shows that if you spend a long time in Air-conditioned environments, you will experience chronic headaches and fatigue. It is very stressful to our body to move one extreme climate condition to another extreme cold condition. A tower fan changes the climate slightly and easily adjusts to the environment. It makes our body temperature cool and removes the fatigue.