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How to Clean A Window Fan and keep it Working Like New

Nowadays with everyone worrying about their energy consumption (and wallets), window fans have become the smart, energy efficient and economical way to cool your home. Window fans have been used to supplement air conditioners, but when used properly, they can even replace your air conditioner, all while saving you money and cutting down on your energy consumption. Window fans can help by circulating cooler air and can be positioned facing outside to expel warm, stale, indoor air. Window fans are practical and easy to install. There are many different styles of window fans, but most of them have been designed to fit almost any window. They are also very easy to clean.

Why You Need To Clean A Window Fan Regularly

Regular cleaning of your window fan will keep it working like new and optimize air flow. It is very important to clean your window fans frequently to stop unwanted build-up. Other common culprits that can be found in window fans, when not frequently cleaned are pollen and mold spores. Inhaling mold spores and pollen can cause health problems in those with asthma or allergies. You can easily prevent this by cleaning your window fans on a regular basis. Allowing dirt and debris to build your window fan will make cleaning them harder and can even affect the motor.

Things You May Need While Cleaning A Window Fan

Cleaning your window fan is hassle-free and you only need household items that most people already have. No need to go out and spend your hard earned money on cleaning supplies or cleaning agents. You will simply need a vacuum cleaner, mild soap, and a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Instructions Need To Follow To Clean Window Fan

Here are some step by step instructions to effectively clean your window fan and keep it working like new.


Step 1: Getting started

Unplugging a window fanStart by getting all of the items needed out and ready to use. This will cut down on the time it takes and limits you from stopping in the middle of cleaning to grab something. As a safety precaution, always ensure your window fan is off and unplugged. It is very risky and life treating to clean a window fan without unplugging the power cord. Place the window fan in an open and solid space after unplugging and removing the fan from the window.


Step 2: Removing the grill

Dissemble window fan grillThis simple task should only take about 5 minutes or so. Some models will have the grill of the window fan secured with screws; In that case, you have to unscrew the fan using the Phillips screwdriver. Some newer models make it easier and the grill is held in place by a release button. Only you have to press the release button and carefully maneuver it until the grill is out of the fan.


Step 3: Cleaning the grill

Cleaning window fan grillThis step usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Using your vacuum cleaner hose with the narrow ended attachment is the most effective way to do this. You can use just the hose, but the attachment allows maximum suction power. Simply vacuum up all of the dust on the grill. This is also a good time to deep clean the grill if needed; you can use your mild soap solution and non-abrasive cloth. If the dust is caked on and won’t wipe clean, submerge your grill in warm water for a few minutes and then wipe clean. Lay your grill on a towel to dry while you clean the rest of your window fan.


Step 4: Cleaning the fan blades

cleaning a Honeywell fanThis next step takes about 5-10 minutes. This step is quick and easy. Simply use your non-abrasive cloth dipped in a light soap or detergent solution to wipe clean the dust and dirt off of the fan blades. Different models will have fixed blades that do not come off. When cleaning these types of blades always be cautious not to allow water to seep through to the inner assembly and motor. This can ruin your window fan. However, some fan blades are removable, which make them easier to clean. Especially if they have a lot of build-ups. In this case, you can submerge the fan blades in warm water for a few minutes and wipe clean.

Step 5: Putting it back together

Replace the parts of window fanOnce you have cleaned your grill and fan blades you need to let them air dry on a towel. You could also set them in the sun to dry out or towels dry them. This usually takes anywhere between 5-20 minutes depending on which method of drying you use. Always be sure that your grill and fan blades are completely dry before putting them back onto your window fan unit. Assemble the grill back in the place and check it again that it put back securely. Wait for few hours to fan become dry. After a while, plug the power cord. Turn on the fan again.



Helpful Tips and Safety Precautions

  • Always be sure that your window fan is turned off and is unplugged before cleaning.
  • Keep your window fan clean on a regular basis to optimize airflow and keep pesky pollen and mold spores out of your home.
  • When there is a lot of build-up on the grill and fan blades allow them to soak prior to cleaning to loosen the dust and dirt.
  • Allow your fan blades and grill to dry completely before reassembling your unit.
  • When you are not using your window fan for long periods of time, clean it before storing it, and cover it in a plastic trash bag.


Cleaning your window fan with the simple steps provided will keep your window fan working like new! In as little as 20 minutes you can clean your window fan from start to finish. So get your supplies ready and get started today! Not only are window fans energy efficient and easy to use, they are also a breeze to clean. Regular cleaning will optimize the airflow and functionality of your window fan. This will also help keep pollen and mold spores from developing to keep your air pure and clean.

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