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Pinpointing the Best Pedestal Fan for Your Needs

Finding a way to efficiently and effectively cool down a large space can be a challenge. The first solution that will likely pop into most people’s minds is to get an air-conditioning unit. Getting an air-conditioner for your home or office, but considering their initial cost and the impact running one regularly can have on the electric bill, this appliance isn’t exactly a realistic option for everyone.

That would naturally mean that fans are the items to be considered next, but which type of fan could actually suit your cooling needs best?

Ceiling fans can cover plenty of area, but they can be lacking in the cooling department. Industrial fans can cool down any room, but they can be noisy and ill-fitting inside an enclosed space.

Instead of going for those aforementioned options, the best course of action for you in your search for an efficient and effective source of cool air is to go out and find the best pedestal fan.

Pedestal fans are powerful enough to keep a large room cool without taking up that much space or making that much noise. You can set one up in a corner, turn it on, and just let it do its job without any worry.

To further help you identify which particular pedestal fan is going to work best for your home and/or office, we have reviewed seven of the top pedestal fans on the market and have listed what you need to know about them below.

Top 7 Best Pedestal Fans in the Market

In this article, we have 10 of the best-rated pedestal fans that you may wish to buy. Hopefully, by the end of this pedestal fan review, you will be able to identify the item that perfectly fits your needs.

 Number #1: Rowenta VU5551 Stand Fan

Rowenta’s pedestal fan offers four speed options for you and that allows you find the one that best suits you at any given time.

The lowest speed options are nice, soothing, and ideal for those days when you need just a bit of air to keep you comfortable.

When the need does arise for you to get as much cool air as possible, this pedestal fan from Rowenta can still work well for you. This fan can churn out a lot of air when you really crank it up. Some other pedestal fans can outdo it in terms of pure power, but you will still be satisfied with the cooling you get from this Rowenta product.

One more bonus is the lack of noise. For a fan this powerful, it’s surprising to discover that it doesn’t make much noise. That quality makes it an ideal fit inside rooms where work is being done or where people are trying to sleep.

It’s also an efficient mover of air, so it remains effective even inside larger rooms.

You have to be careful with the maintenance of this fan though, Even the manufacturers lay out the specific steps you need to take to clean it properly. This fan has a bit of a reputation for rusting too early, with the metal grill being particularly prone to that issue. As much as possible, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance if you don’t want your money to go to waste.


  • It works quietly and does great in moving air.
  • It is a feature-filled product that does a lot of functions.
  • It is a powerful fan.
  • It comes with a good physical appearance that makes it look great with any furniture.
  • It is solid and comes with a stable base.


  • The grills tend to rust.
  • It is a little hard to maintain.
  • It is a bit pricey for its quality.

Our Editor’s Choice #2: Vornado 783DC Air Circulator Fan

Fans of Vornado will quickly remind you that their fans don’t just provide cool air, they also get the air moving, resulting in a room that’s more comfortable to stay in. Honestly, after trying out the Vornado 783, it’s hard to disagree with them.

There’s a different feeling that comes from having the Vornado 783 working in the room you’re in. The air seems to feel lighter and nothing is stagnant. You don’t have to stand in front of the fan to feel the relief because the cool air is everywhere.

In terms of speed settings, it falls behind the fan from Rowenta. This fan from Vornado also has kind of a weird look that can make it tough to fit into any room from a design perspective. If what you care the most about though is comfort, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that can match what this offering from Vornado provides.

The fact that it can be cleaned pretty easily only serves to boost its appeal.


  • It works better than regular fans. It is so powerful that some users compare it to a tornado, making it suit its name Vornado.
  • Being energy efficient, this product is likewise good for the environment.
  • It does great in circulating the air. It can even replace a ceiling fan due to its ability to keep the air balanced.


  • It tends to produce a little noise compared to other Vornado items, although tolerable.
  • Because it specifically meets the U.S. voltage requirements, users should be extra careful when using it with external devices. Improper use could lead to various mishaps.

Our Editor’s Choice #3: Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan

Right away, the feature of this fan that will grab you is its look. It’s another Vornado fan, but whereas that previous one had an unorthodox look, this one is just really stylish.

It gives off some definite retro vibes, and they are very welcome. If you decide to get this fan in green, it can act as a centerpiece for your room. Its look is that strong and attractive. The way the head is also held above the pedestal instead of being directly attached to it is a nice flourish.

So what about performance? It functions similarly to the last Vornado fan as well, right down to it has three-speed options. It also circulates and doesn’t just cool the air, and that provides you and the other people in the room with a more relaxing atmosphere to stay in.

You may want to give this fan a good amount of rest however as some minor issues can pop up if it gets overworked.

Other than that, it’s a solid fan that can look great in any setting. It’s well worth taking a closer look at.


  • It is powerful yet it works quietly. Such traits rarely combine; and when they do, the result is unexpectedly great.
  • It generally functions well. Its adjustable height and other great features allow it to provide good-quality air and balance its distribution.
  • Made of metal, the product appears like it could last a long time. It also has a vintage look that appeals a lot to various customers.


  • It is challenging to adjust and assemble. While the product comes with instructions, the actual setting it up is hard.
  • It does not come with a remote, which can be frustrating for a number of users.

 Number #4. Lasko 1843 Pedestal Fan

Power is what you get from Lasko’s 1843 18-inch Cyclone Pedestal Fan, and you get plenty of it.

There are settings of course, and if it’s a cool night, you can keep this fan on low and stay nice and comfortable. This fan really makes an impression when you turn it all the way up though. Cool air will be everywhere inside your room and it may even seem like there’s too much of it.

Unfortunately, it seems that being given access to that much power comes with a cost because this fan from Lasko is on the noisy side. It gets noisier as you turn it up, so you’ll have to make a choice at that point. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping or even just relaxing due to noise, it would probably be best for you to pass on this fan.

Those who can tolerate the noise will be rewarded with a fan that cools effectively and is also a breeze to clean.


  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • It is powerful enough to provide a great air circulation.
  • Having a programmable timer provides more convenience to its users.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.


  • It produces a little noise that can cause inconvenience to its users.
  • Plastic is not the best when it comes to quality.
  • The motor and blades tend to be out of balance.

 Number #5. Air King 9420 Pedestal Fan

The Lasko 184 Cyclone Pedestal Fan sacrifices peace and quiet for power and cool air, and the same applies to the Air King 9420 20-inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan.

You will receive all the cool air you can handle from this product, and even the lowest setting can prove too much for some people, which can obviously be an issue. It can almost be considered more of an industrial fan than a pedestal fan because of that.

This fan is best suited for larger rooms, though it can still work well inside a living room or bedroom especially during the summer. The steel makes this fan extra durable, though you will need to take extra care when cleaning it.

Just like the one from Lasko, this is not a fan that is going to work well with people who can’t stand noise. They’ll just end up being more irritated than relaxed by it.


  • It is very easy to put together.
  • It is strong enough to move a lot of air even at the lowest setting.
  • It is easy to angle or move in a certain direction.
  • It also works great in outdoor areas.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • While it claims to work quietly, it tends to be a little loud (but tolerable) for household use.
  • It is a bit heavy and may not be a perfect choice if you want to move it around.
  • It tends to rust.

 Number #6. Vornado 6803DC Air Circulator Fan

Energy-efficient has not been a key selling point for the five pedestal fans mentioned above, but that is most certainly the case with Vornado’s 6803DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan. You’ll quickly notice that energy-efficient quality the moment you look at your electric bill. Fans aren’t really known as the biggest drains on electricity, but still having something that excels in the efficiency department is always nice to have inside the home.

The signature air circulating ability provided by other Vornado products is not missing in this one.

In terms of power, well, you can definitely do better than this fan. The circulation is what should help you cool down because when it comes to pure power, this Vornado fan is nothing special.

There will also be times when you’re going to have to get up because the remote control just isn’t working right, which can be quite annoying.

It’s still a solid fan from Vornado, but there are certainly ways in which it can perform better.


  • It functions well. It works quietly and provides utmost comfort to its users by distributing the air completely and evenly.
  • It is aesthetically beautiful. Its vintage look catches the taste of numerous customers.
  • It is a powerful product yet it has the capacity to work quietly.
  • It is solid and durable.
  • It has a good overall quality.


  • It is challenging to put together.
  • It has minor safety issues; little fingers could get in it.
  • It has no remote.

 Number #7. Honeywell HS-1655 Stand Fan

When it comes to a fan catering to your specific cooling needs, it will be tough to find one that can outdo the HS-1655 QuietSet Stand Fan from Honeywell. Remember the 4-speed fan from Rowenta? This one goes one better than that by providing five options for you to choose from. It’s been designed to provide plenty of cool air without producing much noise, hence its name. Being powerful yet quiet makes it ideal to be used inside a bedroom or any other large room. However, there are still issues you will encounter when using this fan. For starters, it has a tendency to wobble when used at the highest settings. The wobbling is kind of unsettling and it will be hard for you to ignore it once you see it. The manufacturers probably would have been better off using stronger materials for this pedestal fan. There’s also a bright light from this fan that can be quite disruptive in a dark room. This pedestal fan may have been designed to provide nothing but relaxing cooling, but some design flaws prevent it from doing so.


  • It works quietly, which benefits users who are highly sensitive to noise.
  • It offers five-speed levels that allow it to cater the different needs of its various users.
  • It is easy to use and assemble; thanks to the user manual that comes with it.
  • Its adjustable height and the instructions that come with it enables the product to provide more convenience to its users.
  • It is affordable.


  • It uses plastic, which is not the best material in terms of quality.
  • While it generally works quietly, it may not be quiet enough for some users.
  • While it is a strong fan, its maximum speed may not be strong enough for some users.

Wrap it Up

Hopefully, the reviews above have given you the info you need to determine which one is the best pedestal fan for you. Whether you value power, looks, or efficiency the most, there is a pedestal fan out there that will suit you