Are you looking for a good tower fan but cannot decide what to buy? A good choice would be to get an Ozeri, as this brand has proven itself by producing top natch home appliances especially tower fan.  They are capable of delivering high-quality fans at affordable prices. Because the company has manufactured several models, deciding what to get can be overwhelming. Ozeri tower fan reviews in top online shopping site like Amazon, eBay, and Homedepot indicate that Ozeri becomes a trustworthy tower fan manufacturer. The customers of Ozeri tower fan indeed applauded the unique design, high performance and less noise operation of their fan.  To simplify matters, we have reviewed three of their best products.


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Quick Navigation Of Top 3 Ozeri Tower Fan Picked By Our Editors

Note: $$: Price is around $60-$80; $$$: Price is between $81-$100

Top 3 Best Ozeri Tower Fan for Home or Office Use


The Ultra 42 comes with three-speed settings so you can manage the speed and air blow just right. In addition, the fan has three specially set airflow patterns to help you relax and sleep.

As far as oscillation is concerned, it is at 90 degrees, providing just the right amount of air circulation.

The Ultra 42 runs quietly even when set to high, and at 42 inches high, it is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and your home office as well. There is a remote control provided along with the fan’s control panel, and it has a 12-hour timer you can program to shut the fan off automatically.

You can adjust the timer in 60-minute increments, and combined with the remote, leads to ease of use.

Design wise; the Ultra doesn’t lack either with the streamlined and compact look. The fan requires some assembly, but it is easy to do as no tools are needed.

Aside from the Ultra 42 you also get the remote and the warranty. Bottom line: this is a solid, well-rounded fan that does what it is supposed to do.


  • The fan is quiet
  • The high settings blow air very well
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Height cannot be adjusted on the fly
  • The buttons on the remote are plastic, and some people find it too soft


The Ozeri 3x Tower fan is equipped with three fans (independently controllable) and 3-speed settings, and together they provide you with nine airflow and cooling levels.

The control panel and remote also let you adjust the 7.5-hour timer which is programmable in half-hour increments.

This Ozeri 3x Tower fan review also has a 90-degree oscillation, and there is a temperature display as well. You can use this fan in bedrooms, living rooms and any large room or area for that matter.

Style-wise, the Ozeri tower fan looks great with its beautiful glass stand and slim body. It is only 3 inches thick, but don’t let its compact design fool you as this fan is built for long-term use.

The Ozeri 3x Tower fan also runs quietly even when at the highest setting thanks to its passive noise cancellation technology, which sets airflow velocity at under 50dB.


  • The fan is quiet
  • Assembly is easy
  • Has a temperature display feature
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Some customers say the LED lights are too bright
  • Some components are made of plastic

Number #3:


This Ozeri fan review can say this model has three-speed settings, all of which are quiet. One of its principal features is the oscillation as it can do 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees, so whether you want to go with full or partial oscillation, it is possible.

For your convenience, the Ozeri 360 oscillating tower fan also comes with a remote control so you can access all its features including the 8-hour timer.

The Ozeri 360 tower fan also comes with 200 micro blades, and this is what allows the fan to produce cool and consistent airflow without generating a lot of noise.

While the fan has a lot of features, the handy LCD display ensures you know everything that is going on including the temperature. The fan is also equipped with three airflow patterns that stimulate sleep, relaxation and enhance your comfort level.

The Ozeri 360 oscillation tower fan is a top quality fan and does what it is supposed to do. The fan is quiet, comes with essential features and is easy to control. Given its features, it is ideal for use in different rooms in your home.


  • Can oscillate at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degree
  • Quiet operation
  • Digital screen provides room temperature information
  • Easy to program


  • Doesn’t come with an ionizer
  • Some customer reviews say there are too many controls

Final Thoughts

Ozeri tower fans have been getting consistently good reviews, and the general consensus is their products are top of the line. This is true, but some are better than others which are why we narrowed the field down to four. We hope that by providing detailed information about each one, you will have a better understanding of the choices available.