Best Oscillating Fans

Surviving in the summer and spring seasons without a cooling system will a big challenge. If you are living in the hot climate zone like Florida or Texas, it will be life threating to stay rest or work at your home or office without any proper cooling appliance setup in those places. Particularly, there are very high chances of occurring sudden heat stroke or dehydration from prolonged exposure to temperature and humidity during summer or spring.

Air Conditioner units are undoubtedly the best solution for burning summer seasons as it decreases the temperature to comfort level. However, you have to pay good amount of money for maintenance (electrical bill, cleaning, and troubleshooting) in every month or year. Apart from the money, air conditioner marked the bigger threat than ISS on united nation climate change conference in 2016.

You can’t find a perfect alternative to the air conditioner but electric fans can be a good solution for warmest seasons. Oscillating fan reviews show that they can be both economical (low maintenance cost and price) and environment-friendly. But the problem with the fan is that it can’t cool the room as AC units. Motionless air creates a boundary of hot air (both coming from human body and sun wave) around you. Fans actually work to circulate the air around the room. The breeze of the fan quickly carries the hot air of human body away and speed up the evaporation process of the skin sweat. Thus it makes you feel good and also keeps your body temperature normal.


Oscillating fans are works almost same as a normal fan. But it has a setting to swing the fan blades left and right or can be fixed in one location if you desire.

Before reviving our best oscillation fans, let’s take a look at the types of oscillating fans available for household use.


Types of Oscillating Fan Available In Market

1. Wall Mounted Fan

Wall mounted fans are popular to use to ventilate small room or space. This type of oscillating fan is ideal when you have limited space to place a stand or floor fan in a room.  You can hang a good quality wall mounted on your garage or patio. This fan will make passing time in those places more fun and cool.

2. Misting Fan

This kind of fan constructed such that it can use in outdoor. Misting fans also work perfectly on the patio or outdoor space but it can cover large size area than the wall mount fan. It can be the appropriate and cooling solution to hot and humid spot in your home or apartment, for example, garage or storeroom, where you will find very challenging to stay few moment during summer. It blows air and also sprays water. This scattering of water decrease dryness of the air and cool your outdoor area faster than other fans. Also, remove the dryness of the skin by increasing the humidity of the room.

3. Pedestal Fan

It is used as a secondary cooling system during hot weather condition. We recommend you to use pedestal fan along with your air conditioner when the temperature is too high that one will find very difficult to stay even in your home. Pedestal fans are lightweight and easy portable. So, you can move it anywhere in your home whenever you feel it is too much hot. The base, i.e. the pedestal of this type of oscillating fan is usually circular. A very tiny tube help to adjust the height of the fan according to the height you needed and hold on the blades of the fan. Fan blades are always kept safely in a steel or plastic grille. The height of the tube can be adjusted between 15 -48 inches.

4. Tower Fan

With the tall and slim look like mobile network tower, tower fans created a huge buzz around the world. Why this type of fan become so popular in short time? The quick relpy to this question will be the unique design and top quality features. Bringing tower fan at your home will definitely give your home or apartment different contemporary look. It will cool you most efficiently and quietly without cutting monthly electric bill too high.

5. Bladeless Fan

This fan uses the brushless motor to blow air for the fan base. Blade-less fans are more silent than the normal tower fan. These fans are tall and slim. Variety in design and cool looking is the main cause of getting popularity amount the people. Tower fans will give your home an aesthetic look.

6. Desk Fan

Desk fan looks almost similar to pedestal fan. But the height of desk fan is smaller than pedestal fan. And the speed is little bit slower. It is best to use on the office desk or on reading/ working table while you are working or reading setting on table chair.

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Best Oscillating Quiet Fan for Bedroom or Living Room

A tower fan will be the perfect oscillating fan for your living or bedroom. The compact and sophisticated design of tower fan will give your house contemporary look. You can also consider a long-lasting and orthodox pedestal or floor fan. But this type of fans may trouble you with irritating noise while you are sleeping.

Here is our top oscillating fan for bedroom or living room:


Our Winner and Editor’s Choice:

Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Fan

Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Fan is so far the best we tested.  The fan is integrated with a special type of brushless motor. Experiments show that the operations of brushless motors are quieter than other motors. This fan is also known as bladeless fan since you will not find any visible blades like normal fans.

The working mechanism of this bladeless fan is almost similar to a vacuum cleaner but operating in reverse. The brushless motor in the base produce the air and the air comes out from a circular shape upper ring.

It engineered with air multiplier technology (which uses the physics of inducement and entrainment of Fluid Dynamics) to create smooth and powerful air flow around the whole room.

The remote control of this fan works perfectly to operate almost every function of the fan. Moreover, the back part of the remote control is magnetized to keep it safely on fan outer casting. Therefore, low chances of losing the clicker under the couch or between your sofas on important time.

The air ionizer feature of this tower fan filters the air particles.  Air ionizers create negative ions to air particles toward the fan. A removable filter kept in the fan purifies the dust or dirt from the air.

With the height of 40 inches and width of 7.5 inches, it is by far the best looking and designed fan I have ever seen till now. Furthermore, the available three colors (silver, blue and black) will definitely increase the aesthetical view of your home.

The fan so powerful (thanks to the air multiplier technology) that you will feel the movement of air, even though, you are standing or sitting in the corner. The 10 variable speed setting mode -highest for every fan so far we tested- will help you to set the fan speed according to the climate and room temperature.

Don’t think about the safety of kids in your family because it doesn’t have any visible spinning blades and plastic or steel grille like a traditional fan. Moreover, it consumes 10% less electrical energy than primitive tower fan. You can say it the actual money saving device.

Cleaning this bladeless fan is very simple and easy. Only follow the instructions that are provided in the user manual and the job will be done within few minutes.

You will not hear any kind of clicking, whine and buzzing noise coming out from the fan even you are sleeping at night. It creates the 55 DB (decibel) noise at the highest speed mode. This score makes the fan winner. Many customers reviewed it as one of the best quiet fans for sleeping.

So far we did not find any flaws in this fan except the price. You have to expand 350$-400$ to bring a Dyson AM07 fan at your home. Many will find it very difficult. Remember that, it is better to buy a high-quality fan rather than wasting money by purchasing low quality, ugly looking and noisy Lasko fan, Holmes fan or other low branded fan.

So far we did not find any flaws in this fan except the price. You have to expand 350$-400$ to bring a Dyson AM07 fan at your home. Many will find it very difficult. Remember that, it is better to buy a high-quality fan rather than wasting money by purchasing low quality, ugly looking and noisy Lasko fan, Holmes fan or other low branded fan.

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Runner-Up: Seville Classic Ultraslimline Tower Fan

Ultraslimline tower fan of Seville Classic is our runner-up oscillating fan for rooms. Another masterpiece for quiet sleeping lovers. It can be the best alternative of expensive Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Fan which is our winner. It can be marked as a perfectly balanced fan with price, style, speed, sound, design and other features.

The noise scale of Ultraslimline is 58 DB; little bit higher than our winner Dyson. But you have to remember decibel is a logarithmic function. A little change in the decibel value can create a huge change in sound level.

Some customers on Amazon reviewed that it creates clicking sound while it is oscillating. For me, it’s not a big drawback and it’s not a great matter. As you can turn the oscillation off when you are going to sleep.

The remote control of this fan is not good looking; nevertheless, the bottoms are very good and perfectly operate without any problem.  This fan has built-in auto shut off timer with increments of 30 min up to 7.5 hours.

Dyson AM07 can oscillate up to 90 degrees but Seville Ultraslimline can oscillate around 75 degrees. This metric is not important as speed or noise. Thus, it doesn’t create a huge difference in fan performance.

The footprint is not bulky. It can fit easily in small space as the base diameter of this fan is tiny. The front grille is constructed of steel which makes it sturdy and stylish. The hole of the steel grill is very microscopic that even the small fingers of toddler can’t through it to touch the blades of the fan. The LCD display is very clear to read and bottom of the control panel work perfectly.

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Number #3: Rowenta VU5551 Pedestal Fan

If your bedroom or living room is very large (almost 350-450 square feet), this pedestal fan can be the best selection for you.  The CFM rating of this fan is 1695 which means this fan can cover a 450 sq.ft without any problem. The adjustable height of 42-54 inches helps to adjust the airflow of the fan according to your bed height or your need. It has four-speed setting mode. The highest speed setting (also known as turbo boost speed) so much power that it creates a big blast in your room.  On high-speed mode, the fan produces the sound of 58 DB which is same as the sound produced by Seville Classic Ultra Slim Line Fan. The price of this fan almost doubles the price of our runner-up fan. Cleaning of this pedestal fan very easy, even you can clean throughout the fan within half an hour. But the grill of this fan is rustic. You have to be careful not to wet the grill while cleaning the blades with water.

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Best Oscillating Fan for Table or Desk

Finding the right fan for your working place especially for your desk or table is very tricky. You have to choose something that quiet in nature and don’t disturb your office neighbors or clients when talking to them. Also, don’t irritate you while you are working. Millions of desk or table fan available in the market but only a few of them good enough to maintain the working environment in your office or home.

Here is our best oscillating desk/table fan for office or home:


Number #1 Editor’s Choice: Dyson AM06 Air Multiplier Table Fan

When you are talking about the best table fan, you must consider Rolls Royce of table fan- Dyson AM06. Rolls Royce’s are expensive, only elite person can use it. Similarly, Dyson fans are costly particularly manufactured for luxury and glamour home. Dyson AM06 table fan is very good looking, highly powerful, and 100 percent safe for toddlers. The look and functionality of this table fan are almost carbon copy of Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan. But the height of AM06 is lower (20 inches) and upper ring wider than the AM07. It flows sufficient air to cool your body and keep the environment comfortable for work as it creates low sound while operating and oscillating. Like Dyson AM07, this fan also has 10-speed setting mode. And the remote control work perfectly also it is magnetized to store it easily in the fan frame. It is integrated with tilt function. You can move the fan airflow direction by pointing it upwards or downwards.

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Number #2: Hunter 90400 Table/Portable Fan

If you want to buy an orthodox or traditional design table or desk fan, the Hunter 90400 will be a perfect choice. The metal body construction makes it sturdy and unbreakable. The blades of the fan are also constructed of metal. It has three speed bottoms (Low, medium and high). Little bit intense and noisy when running at high speed but absolutely silent at low and medium speed setting. You can tilt the fan but not more than 10 degrees. Obviously, it can oscillate (not more than 85 degrees). Besides from the retro look of the fan, the construction is very strong. It can be also used in your basement garage and gym.

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Number #3: Lasko 4911 Tower Desk Fan

Lasko 4911 desk fan doesn’t have high level of features as Dyson AM06. It lacks the features like automatic shut-off timer, speed setting mode, remote control and LCD display. But the movement of air is perfect enough to keep you cool and move away from the muggy feeling on your desk. The price of this fan 10x lesser than our winner table fan Dyson AM06. The look of this fan is good but not aristocratic as Dyson fans.  The fan took very small space on your table as the footprint not so large.  Assembly of this fan is superbly easy. Also, it is not very hard to clean.

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Before buying an oscillating fan, think about the price, a number of blades (if visible), air flow capacity, noise level and design. After that, take your big decision which fans really worth your money. Dyson fans really worth the money. If unfortunately, you don’t have enough budgets, you may choose other fans from our roundup.