In this tech-savvy world, people always search for new ways how to make their lives much easier and to do their jobs very easily yet with perfection. So, we all need a faster replacement for everything that can make our lives slow, that can be economical and make a big difference.

So here we bring you the best of all dustbusters that you can purchase and make use of it to improve your day to day activities.

Here we bring you the best dustbusters which we have selected from a wide range of products

Top Five Best Dustbuster of 2018 For Household Use Only


Black+Decker bring in front of you a wide range of tools and instruments that you use for various purposes ranging from cleaning to beautification in your homes.

The price is low as compared to the uses it has. It has a Lithium-Ion battery, a 2-year warranty life and a 15.2-watt output which ensures long life and is a lightweight and durable appliance to use. It is a US based product.

Top Key Features

  • The battery of the product is a lithium ion type that means it supports fast charging.
  • It is durable, lightweight and less memory effect i.e. it will store a good amount of charge.
  • The dust bowl is washable and easy to empty, thus makes it very easy to use.
  • The vacuum cleaner is cordless that makes it extremely useful as you can clean any corners without hesitation.
  • Doesn’t make so much of sound, which makes it a perfect and appropriate product.


  • Blessed with Smart Charge Technology which makes it 50% less energy than other dustbusters.
  • The dirt bowl of this vacuum cleaner is transparent. So, it’s very easy to monitor the dirt and dust accumulate in the bowl.
  • Very easy to empty the gathered dust and dirt in the bowl
  • Very easy to operate and clean it.
  • The intake tube of this Black & Decker vacuum is rubberized, so, the very low chance of getting scratch on valuable furniture or floors.
  • Excellent suction capacity.


  • The washable filter is very fiddly to clean as it gets caked with dust and dirt.
  • Charge last for only 10 minutes.
  • Takes long time to charge it up fully.

Final Verdict

The product is worth buying. It is giving much better performances than expected. As expected it has a wonderful battery life. The suction pressure is very nice. The dust filter is very good; dirt doesn’t stick to the walls of the filter. One would suggest it, reliable and quality product.


The Dyson V8 cordless Vacuum Cleaner is another best buy when it comes to vacuum cleaners. You can clean ceilings, floors, corners and it is very handy when it comes to usage because it has a long stick to hold it. That is quite thoughtful because you don’t have to bend down, you can just do it while standing.

It has HEPA filtration that can capture fine particles. It is a bit costly but gives nice returns. It is USA manufactured.

Top Key Features

  • The Vacuum is versatile and is handheld and can be used for most of the purposes.
  • It has HEPA filtration that means it can extract up to 0.3 microns of dust particles.
  • It has many modes such as a soft roller so that it can be used in different places without harming the material or the place.
  • Electric Wand Set, Mini Motorized Tool are also some features which make it exceptional.
  • It has a combination accessory tool so that you can repair it any time you need, works with your helping hand.


  • It has the best run time (around 40 min) among the best dustbuster in our list.
  • Quiet in operation.
  • Powerful suction capacity than previous version Dyson Vacuum cleaner (Dyson V6)
  • Comes with tons of attachment and accessories like soft dusting brush, combination tools, motorized tools etc.
  • Very high performing HEPA Filtration System.


  • Very expensive (price is around 500$)
  • Frustrating to store too many attachments.

Final Verdict

If you have some chronic back pain or something this product is the best and if your budget allows, this product suits you.


If you need something which is lightweight and stylish this product is for you. It is a product of Welikera. It’s a cost-effective product. It has a stainless-steel filter that makes it different than other products. This product has many recognizable certifications and has passed standard quality tests.

Top Key Features

  • It is portable and can be carried wherever you want, including corners where your hands can’t reach.
  • The filter is washable and portable and can be removed whenever you want, better than other normal filters.
  • The coolest feature is it has led light that can help you through dark areas.
  • Lithium-ion battery and runs more than a conventional battery, thus you can use for longer time.
  • It also has a brush in case you need to clean your appliances.


  • Small in size and lightweight.
  • Easy to empty the build ups.
  • Powerful suction.
  • The built in LED light helps to clean in dark place.
  • The flexible extensive tube really very helpful.


  • Suction is not the best
  • The LED light switch is placed such that you can’t help touching it.

Final Verdict

For me it was great, and I personally used it and was very impressed with its result. The led feature makes it unique and is quite useful. The product is worth the money.


A good product from Eureka, the easy-clean vacuum cleaner is budget vacuum cleaner, and is nice vacuum cleaner with good results, its light weight and weighs less than 5 pounds.

It has two color variants; you can choose from them accordingly. The design is quite cool and is good product also for your vehicles.

Top Key Features

  • Lightweight and handheld so that you can cover every corner of your house.
  • It comes with a 20-foot cable thus you can carry anywhere in your house.
  • It has a soft suction rolling bed which can suck dust particles so perfect from your side walls.
  • Multiple types of floor cleaning can be done which makes it versatile.
  • It makes low sound compared to other products, which is a good feature.


  • Powerful and heavy duty vacuum cleaner
  • Supremely high suction
  • Easy filter cleaning
  • Long charging power cord
  • Very portable


  • Low bowl capacity
  • Size is bulky to clean under furniture
  • Loud while using

Final Verdict

Honestly, this vacuum cleaner is much cheaper than any other listed products, but nowadays cordless vacuum cleaners are much expected and widely used, so that is a small drawback for the product otherwise the product is great.


Powered by Dyson digital motors, this product has created benchmarks. It comes with a sleek body design, handheld, smaller, lighter and very efficient. Can be used very efficiently and can be used in various places. A bit overpriced rather than other products.

Top Key Features

  • It is powered by Dyson digital motors which give it an exception because of its power.
  • It is small compared to other products.
  • Has 2-year parts and labor warranty, thus secure
  • Hygienic emptying of the bin i.e. You do not need to touch the dirt
  • It has the most updated cyclone technology feature that is installed in it.


  • Very good design
  • Lightweight
  • Very simple to maneuver
  • Easy to empty the bowl
  • Very short charge time


  • Expensive
  • Bulky to clean under furniture
  • No storage for additional attachments
  • No accessories provided to clean the floor

Final Verdict

Dyson DC34 is a good machine, but a bit high priced. It has no loss of suction and is the best product to date, has a nice design and can be very useful for thorough cleaning.

Best Dust Buster Buying Guide

What is a Dust Buster?

The history of the dustbuster is pretty impressive. The first dustbuster was created in 1979 by Black & Decker using the same technology that helped the Apollo astronauts scoop rock samples from the moon! But the people who bought it loved it for more than the space-age technology. It revolutionized cleaning, as the first handheld vacuum. It was cordless, wall-mountable, and could reach anywhere the vacuum couldn’t manage. After Black and Decker’s models began to fly off shelves, other appliance and power tool companies produced their handheld vacs. The name Dustbuster stuck and used everywhere. They’re also called handheld vacuums or vacs.

How Do Dustbusters Work?

Most dust busters or stick vacuums work with the same suction mechanisms as a vacuum. The motor uses cyclonic action to keep the filter clean during use, and the dustbuster sucks up dirt and debris from the floor using a nozzle, though some more modern “hand vacs” use a narrower hose. The dustbuster’s original design allowed for it to be plugged into the wall like a Slimline phone, with a battery that lasted around 20 minutes. Now, many dustbusters are powered with lithium-ion batteries for extra-long life.

Top 3 Dustbuster Brands

With so many on the market, we went looking for the most powerful and most trusted brands for the best options. The history of these companies speaks to hard work and ingenuity.

#1. Black & Decker

Black & Decker began as a small machine shop in Baltimore in 1910. It received its first patent in 1917. In 1941, the company patented the first cordless drill, and would eventually build the very first dustbuster in 1975, using technology designed for NASA’s Apollo program. In 1989, Black and Decker went on to be inducted into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame.

#2. Dyson

Dyson was created when James Dyson was inspired by a Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner which clogged and lost suction over time. Since he already worked in manufacturing, Dyson was knowledgeable with machinery, he took the vacuum apart, and saw that a cyclonic engine would make for a better vacuum with less clogging. In spite of many setbacks, the Dyson company was founded in 1991 and is now a massive name in energy saving vacuums, hair dryers, fans, and other appliances.

#3. Eureka

Eureka is a vacuum company founded in 1909 in Michigan. It offers a full line of vacuums of all sizes, uprights, sticks, handheld, and battery powered. In the 1940s, the company expanded to include heaters, air conditioners, and school furniture. It is part of the Midea Group.

Why Dustbusters Are Awesome For Cleaning

There’s no doubt we love dustbusters. And anything that started with NASA technology has got to be cool, right? But why do you need one? If you’re still hesitating, look no further than this list. We guarantee, once you have a dustbuster, you’ll use it for more than you ever expected!

#1. Size

Dustbusters are small and powerful. The largest handheld vacs we found don’t tend to be heavier than 5 lbs, and some are small enough to fit into your pocket. That means they’re small enough to use on anything from the corners of the stairs, to the space between the couch cushions, even under and between countertops! You’d be amazed how much faster your chores go with a mighty hand vacuum picking up the mess!

#2. Portability

Because they’re so small and usually cordless, you can go with a dustbuster anywhere. They’re easily stored in small closets, and perfect for apartments. They can go with you to hotels, and they do a great job cleaning the car. Put one in your workshop to clean up small spills. Or in your kitchen so when the kids try to “help” it’s at the ready. These handy, powerful machines go everywhere!

#3. Power
In spite of their size, a dustbuster is a powerful machine. Anything over four amps is strong enough to pick up pet hair, spills, and dust bunnies. It can’t be used to pick up metal shavings or wood chunks, but if you’re looking for something to give your workshop a light cleaning, this is the product for you.
#4. Cost

Small cordless vacuums are much cheaper than the heavy, corded versions. As a general rule, the cheapest is around $30, and more expensive models can run about $60. Heavy, corded vacuums tend to run from $80 and higher. A dustbuster is a much better deal. This is especially true if space is an issue. In spite of both the size and cost, they tend to be much sturdier than comparably cheap corded vacuums. They’re designed to go everywhere, and the cyclonic motor makes it much more difficult to clog than the traditional vacuum.

#5. Versatility

With several different types of dustbusters available, you’re sure to find a portable vacuum that suits your needs. If you need to reach under cabinets, furniture, and equipment, choose a pivoting vac. Flex vacs come with a hose, for greater freedom of movement in any direction. There are even heavy-duty dustbusters for your workshop. It won’t lift anything as heavy as a workshop vac or a corded model, but it will handle spills or piles of dust and shavings with ease. If you plan to use your dustbuster as a general model, there are expensive models with various attachments, for all types of cleaning. Additionally, dustbusters are everywhere. It’s easy to get replacement bags that are compatible with whatever you choose at any hardware store.

It Does Things Your Vacuum Can’t-Do

Are you convinced yet? Okay, how about this? Next time something falls under the couch, or it’s been a while since you’ve checked under the fridge, attach a pantyhose to your dustbuster. Pull it over the mouth, and turn the dustbuster on. Run it slowly and carefully under your furniture. The suction will collect any heavy missing items, and dust and dirt will still pass right through to the dustbuster itself. Can your vacuum do that? If you have kids, and you want to keep little hands from losing something important, a dustbuster will do the job.


Things to Consider When Buying A Dustbuster

So with so many different models, how do you know what you need when buying your dustbuster? Of course, a lot of that will depend on you. Maybe you want the dustbuster specifically for a camper or other vehicle? A single apartment-dweller looking for an inexpensive vacuum is going to have very different needs than a mother with active toddlers who needs to clean up spills regularly. The specifics of what you need may vary, but there are some things you should always be looking for.

#1. Battery Life
For handheld vacuums, 20-30 minutes is respectable. Three are dustbuster models which take several hours to charge, and others which can take two hours or less. But if the dustbuster itself only runs for 5-10 minutes, how much cleaning can you do? Pay attention to battery life listed on the machine. If you’re using the dustbuster for small spills throughout the day, and keep it charged the rest of the time, shorter battery life might work fine for you and tends to be a lot cheaper. But if you want to use it as part of your regular cleaning, longer battery life would be worth it.
#2. Size

Weight is an essential factor. The point of a handheld vacuum is that it’s portable. Handheld vacuums vary in weight, but most are between 3-4 lbs. Think about how you will be using it, and how long you’ll be comfortable as you hold or maneuver your handheld vac to choose the size right for you. Be aware that a larger vac may not offer a stronger suction. The other aspect of size is precisely how portable it is. Dustbusters come in varying sizes. Some are small enough to fit into your glove compartment. This size isn’t exactly helpful if you’ll spend a lot of time in the house cleaning spills, but it’s a great size for keeping the car clean, day to day, or on a road trip.

#3. Dust collecting Capacity
Along with battery life, this is arguably the most crucial factor in choosing your dustbuster. Apparently, the bigger the capacity, the longer you can clean without changing the vacuum bag. This saves you money and hassle in the long run. It will also save a lot of time. If your cordless vacuum has 20 minutes before it needs to be charged, and you spend five minutes replacing the bag when it fills, that leaves you with 15 minutes of cleaning time. You should look for something with at least 0.5 litres, which is the average amount. Again, this will vary, depending on how much you use it, but it’s not a good idea to go much lower unless you are using an unusually small dustbuster.
#4. Warranty

A dustbuster is built to last. In spite of the short battery life and compact size, a dustbuster should last in your home, and be sturdy enough to take on a variety of jobs. Most companies will offer at least a one year warranty, but, as we’ve already mentioned, you will likely use your dustbuster more than you think when you purchase. You should look for a two-year warranty if it is available.

Features to Look For While Buying Your Dustbuster

There may be other features you find you need. If you have a specific job in mind, there may be a particular attachment you need. You may feel like you’re not going to get the battery life you want. Maybe you’re worried about the size, or how to clean the dustbuster. This list will help you make the final decision. These are features you should be looking for to get everything you want out of your dustbuster

#1. Attachments
The possibilities for attachments for your dustbuster are numerous. You could get a wet-dry dustbuster, so you can vacuum, mop and wipe down the same area. Some models are designed to be a 2-in-1 stick vac which can be disengaged, leaving you with a handheld for smaller spaces. Stick vacs tend to have a lot more suction and be more comfortable on the larger surface, so if you have the option for both, so much the better But you don’t need to know which attachments you will need. To cover the basics, you’ll need a dusting brush or crevice tool.
#2. Battery

For higher performance and longer battery life, your best option is lithium-ion batteries. You should ensure that your battery will last two years or longer. Check the warranty on the battery. Some models carry a warranty only for the dustbuster itself. It is often cheaper to replace the dustbuster itself than to replace the battery, so make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

#3. Manoeuvrability
Test out the handheld vacuum of your choice if you can. Judging by the weight and battery life, will you get full use out of it? You’ll probably want to choose something with a switch since continually pressing down on a button to keep the vac operating will get tiring after a while. Several models have wall-mounted chargers for easy access, but if the point is portability, such as using it for a camper or car, you may opt out of this. For the safety of your family, choose a dustbuster with a filter bag that it easy to remove, and has a fall-out flap that prevents dust from spilling out as you move, even when it’s in the down position.

From the history of the design, the dustbuster is a great everyday power tool. Perfect for an active family, a single apartment dweller, a homebody, or a traveller, a dustbuster is an excellent choice for small cleaning jobs or everyday life. Once you have it, you’ll never know how you lived without it. And if you find yourself stuck wondering what to look for in a dustbuster, we’re sure this article has given you all the information you need to get precisely the dustbuster to suit your needs.

Wrap Up

The above products were the top and the best products. All of them gave good results in all types of physical conditions. They clean the whole of everything.

As it is a must for today’s fast and busy life and since cleanliness cannot be compromised these products are the best dust busters that made them the best among the others. These unique key features make them excellent and the best dust busters.

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