Every homeowner needs to install a bathroom exhaust fan which is a component of a healthy and hygienic bathroom. It is a unique way of preserving the bathroom from problems associated with excess moisture. It is true that hot shower has a wonderful effect on your body, but that is not the same in the bathroom, where you have that fantastic shower. If your bathroom is not well ventilated, there is the danger that excess humidity that accumulates can cause damages to the bathroom wall. It could peel wallpaper, crack bathroom paints, as well as warp cabinetry. The worst is that as these build up continuously, it produces mold and other bacteria, which can even affect your indoor air quality. The best way out of the problem is to install a bathroom fan if the bathroom suffers from a ventilation problem. You have to select the best bathroom exhaust fan from the various models available on the market. Our experts make it easy by picking the top bathroom fan.

Things you have to consider before buying a bathroom fan

Noise Level

Perhaps the most vital factor to consider is the noise level. Fans consist of motor and parts; as a result, they can make noise. You have to determine the noise level. Noisy bathroom fans are not the best, as they tend to disturb the quietness of the home. Silent fans are available. Even if you cannot get absolute quiet fans, you can opt for those with the least noise. Determining the noise level is not easy, and the best way to determine that is to consider the parts quality. Superior quality parts make the least noise. Moreover, they tend to be more durable compared to those built with inferior parts.

Another way of determining the noise level is the sone rating, and this ranges from 0.5 to 6.0. The lower the score, the quieter the fan becomes. You can check the rating on the fan box.

CFM Rating of the Fan

Another essential factor to consider is the CFM rating of the fan you wish to install. CFM rating has to do with the quantity of air, which the fan can carry. You can consider the bathroom size and opt for the model with enough CFM that can supply sufficient air to the bathroom. You should compare various CFM rating. The fan with the highest CFM can provide more ventilation than those with lower CFM. Having enough ventilation is proper because it will remove all the moisture in the bathroom and make it healthy. To get the best fan, you should consider the length, width, as well as the height of your bathroom. The most important thing is the size of your bathroom. Bear this in mind while comparing CFM ratings.

Single Sone Rating (SSR)

Sone rating was mentioned, and the measurement is very important when you are looking for the perfect bathroom exhaust fan. If you have a bathroom fan, it is essential that it is comfortable for its users. Listening environment is equally important. It should not disrupt the hearing of its users. Sones calculated by the way the sound is perceived and not regarding volumes or decibels. It measures in a linear format. Typically SSR is measured in cubic feet per minute, and this is the maximum measurement. The best thing is to look for the quiet fan. Some online resources can assist you in determining the sones of bathroom fans. If you have fans below 0.3, it is good.

Appropriate Power Rating

Furthermore, you have to consider the power rating of the fan you want to install in your bathroom. Modern bathroom fans like tower fan or window fan consume less power than the older version of fans. If you get with lower power consumption, it will save you substantial amount monthly concerning energy bills you pay. Best bathroom fans should consume less power, and they tend to be more efficient.

Suitable Mounting Option

The installation process is equally important. You have to determine the best spot to mount the fan in your bathroom, whether it will in the right unit or the left. Professionals can always assist you in this. If you want the best fan for bathroom, you can install by yourself, and then look for those are easy and simple to mount.

Size of the Fan

The size of your fan is another good factor to consider. You have to determine the best size; your bathroom size will assist you in determining the best size. The most important thing here is the size capacity. Again, you have to rely on the CFM number to get some idea about the motor capacity. The housing of the fan is not the primary factor, but the efficiency.

Heating Capacity of Heater

Bathroom fan heating capacity is another factor to consider when you are making your choice. If you want a product that performs dual role such as fan and heating, you have to opt for the brand with the best heating capacity. Study the manual very well and determine the heating capacity of the various products and this can guide you in making the right choice. Check the power heat capacity, and ensure that the energy it converting to heat delivered efficiently in the bathroom. Compare various products to make the right choice. Heating capacity varies when fan serves as a fan and heater.


Warranty is another excellent feature to look into when you are making your choice. Warranty determines the confidence level, which manufacturers have on their fans. It is better to look for those with extended warranty, they will be more durable and of superior quality. A warranty card will help you have value for your money.

Top 3 Best Bathroom Fan with Heater

A bathroom fan that can serve both as a cooler and heater, always add a great value to your house. You can use it in both winter and summer seasons. You don’t have to buy a specific heater for your bathroom.

Here comes our editor’s top 3 pick of best bathroom ceiling fan with heater

Editor Choice: Panasonic FV-11VHL2  Bathroom Fan


If you are looking for the best bathroom fan with heater, you should opt for this product. The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 is a great product.  It takes a few minutes to warm a decent size bathroom and also work perfectly as a bathroom vent fan.  Also, it has a compact fluorescent light which perfectly works as a decent overhead light while you taking shower.  Altogether you can call it a multitasking bathroom device and comes with a very affordable price.

We know that Panasonic is one of the well-known fan manufacturing brands of United States of America. This ceiling mount bathroom fan is simple to install. You can install it by yourself. If you want it to perform optimally, you have to install The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 within eight feet from the floor. Moreover, it does not make noise when it operates as an exhaust fan.

Top Key Features

  1. High Technology Component:  The heating element of this Panasonic is sheathed with stainless steel. The inner wiring is composed of high resistance nichrome with magnesium oxide. Thus it ensures higher heat transfer. 

  2. Durable: Furthermore, it is a sustainable product because the casing is made of rust-proofing heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel and can serve the home for several years to come. 

  3. Blower Wheel:  Double blower wheel meant to draw air on both sides. When means it allows more air to enter in the wheel and ironically only produce 0.7 sone level noise. 

  4. Superior Performance: The fan performs very well and better than similar brands out there. This is possible because of the enclosed condenser motor, which makes for the longevity of the product, as it can run for thirty thousand hours non-stop.

  5. Effective Fuse Protection: A thermal fuse always protects both motor and 3 level safety device to protect heater. Protection system ensures that it does not destroy quickly and serve you for a longer time to come.


  • It is a superior quality fan as it is manufactured from the finest raw materials
  • Quiet in operation both the fan and the heater
  • It is efficient as it clears steam fast
  • Durable and it can serve for many years
  • High performance as it can work for thirty hours nonstop.


  • Weak customer support
  • Weighty

Final Verdict

It appears that the model is a superior quality bathroom fan. It can perform for hours continuously. Furthermore, it encompasses both heater and fan. Though some users complain of weight, it appears that many users are satisfied going by the high-end reviews. The product is currently enjoying.

Number 2: NuTone 9093WH-Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater


NuTone 9093WH is designed to heat your bathroom instantly and make it more comfortable again. Any time of the day you enter your bathroom, be sure that it will be convenient for you once you have the unit in place.

NuTone 9093WH is a versatile product because it offers three different functions, which include a ventilating, heating, and lighting.

It will cost far less to heat your bathroom with this device than other related products. The ventilation system of this bathroom exhaust fan ensures not to build any kind of contamination in your showers. It’s safe to install this 15 diameter bathroom fan 3-5 feet up from your shower.

The model will always make an enormous difference in your home, because of the combined functionality.. Moreover, it flourishes your bathroom with it’s attractive and appealing design. It is designed to serve you for a long time. It consumes less power, and you save more regarding energy cost.

Top Key Features

  1. Multifunctional Product: One of the critical features of the product is the multi-purpose property. It can perform at least four functions at a time, which include ventilation, light, and heating.

  2. Safe to Use: The model is secure to use meaning that it does not pose any threat to its users. This is because of the automatic thermal reset protection.

  3. Efficient Model: NuTone 9093 is an efficient bathroom fan/heater. This is because it features 1500 watts heating system as well as 70 CFM ventilation. This enhances optimum performance.

  4. Installation: Another great feature is the model is easy and simple to install in your home. It is not difficult to mount the device in your home, as it has most of the accessories and guide that facilitate the process.

  5. Cost-effective: Another great attribute is that it is profitable.  It does not consume much power, and it is affordable in the market.


  • The model is durable as the outer frame is made with metals
  • Excellent finishing
  • Easy to install. It will take only 20 min if you need to replace a bath fan.
  • It is cost effective as it takes less power. It cuts down your monthly energy bill and saves money in the process.
  • Nice and user friendly control panel.


  • Little bit noisy than expected
  • Wiring clealy visible after installation if you don’t hire a pro for this task.

Final Verdict

NuTone seems to be one of the highly rated bathroom exhaust fan and heater. It is apparent from the features described that it has those good attributes buyer envisage when they look for such a product. It performs at least three tasks at once and can save money to the user.

Number 3: Broan 100HL Bathroom Fan


Are you looking for quiet and easy to use the bathroom fan? Then, you can opt for Broan 100HL Directionally-Adjustable Bath Fan with Heater and Incandescent Light. This is another multifunctional fan that features about three functions in one, which includes a fan, ventilation, and lighting. This Broan fan is easy to use, and it can warm your bathroom just as the press of the switch.

The model uses a superior quality heater, as well as 100 CFM ventilation fan. Moreover, it features 100-watt fluorescent lighting. With the product, you can do away with your central warming system, because it does not depend on the central heating system to work.

Most importantly, the fan is efficient as you can see from the three hundred and sixty degrees directional and adjustable heat. The heating system is directional because it can send heat to where you want it.

Furthermore, it is very efficient and offers quiet operation. Its noise level is 2.0 sones. When you use it, you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as bathroom will remain calm. Most importantly, it is safe to use and solidly constructed. When you get the model, you do not have anything to worry, about because it is produced to the satisfaction of its users.

Top Key Features

  1. Spot Heating: One of the most excellent features is the spot and directional heating. You do not need the entire bathroom to heat before you begin to use as it can warm those areas you want.

  2.  Efficient Heating:The model ensures efficient heating. It does not require external venting, meaning that electricity is converted to heat instantly, and this facilitates the heating process.

  3.  Simple to Use: The device is simple to use and mount after going through the instructional manual provided to you. To operate it, you can adjust the thermostat.

  4.  Quiet: This model is one of the most silent on the market, and this can attribute to the lubricated motor. Because of this, it extremely quiet and requires no maintenance.

  5.  Supplemental Heat: Most importantly, the product heats very well and safe to use. It provides additional heat, and this means that it does not rely on the home heating system before it begins to work.


  • The model provides supplementary heat, and this means that it works on different heating source outside the home central heating system
  • The bathroom fan is easy and simple to install, because of this, you are not required to be an expert before you can install the unit in your kitchen
  • Most importantly, the brand is durable, when you invest in this product, you derive the value for a long time as it last long
  • Furthermore, it heats very well, and you can begin to have heat within a few moments.
  • It is safe to use as it has thermal protection that protects the user.
  • Heats well


  • Some users complained that the unit is not that quiet as it makes noise.

Final Verdict

Broan 100HL bathroom fan seems to be an efficient and durable bathroom fan if the information available is anything to go by. It supplies heat on its own; this is good because it does not depend on the home heating system. It could also supply heat energy when you need it.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan (without Heater)

If you are living in hot climate zone, for example, Arizona, Miami, Las Vegas or Florida, you don’t have to waste your money buying a bathroom fan with heater. Rather you can buy a bathroom exhaust fan that can only cool the climate bathroom.

Here we go the best bathroom exhaust fan that doesn’t have heating features:

Editor Choice: Broan QTXE080- Best Bath Fan Without Heater


BROAN is known for the manufacture of superior quality bath exhaust fans, and of the greatest products of the company is the QTXE080. It is unique and considered one of the quietest bath fans. It is suitable for any application you want. This is a powerful fan, and yet offers a smooth operation. Most importantly, the fan is safe to use in that you will not be exposed to any danger. Furthermore, it is energy efficient. Buyers look for this kind of feature when they make their choice. It saves energy and saves money for you in the process.

Most importantly, the bath fan is not difficult to install. Many users have rated it very high because of the easy installation. It is a question of looking at the instructional manuals and sticking to the manuals and nothing more. The product is very powerful and offers enough ventilation. If you want a fan that moves plenty of air in the bathroom and does that without making noise, you can consider this brand. It saves energy for you, and this makes it inexpensive to use. It works very well.

Top Key Features

  1. Energy Efficient:When you are looking for a bath fan, consider the energy efficiency of the product. It is certain that this product is energy efficient, as it does not consume lots of energy in the process.

  2.  Cost Efficient: Most importantly, the fan is cost-efficient. One of the reasons people found it hard to invest in this type of product is the high-energy consumption which can increase operational cost, and this is not an issue with the product.

  3.  Easy Installation: Furthermore, the brand is not difficult to install. You do not need to be a technical expert before you can install it in your home, the guide provided will help you.

  4.  Quiet: Perhaps this is the quietest bath fan you can lay hands on the market today. It makes less noise, and people hardly know that it is working.

  5.  Superior Performance : The fan is designed to perform very well and provide enough bath ventilation. To make this possible, it features six inches ducting system. Because of this, it is going to perform very well.


  • It moves plenty of air, and this means that it is going to provide perfect ventilation in your bathroom.
  • Another great feature includes the quiet operation; it does not make noise when it is working.
  • This is an energy efficient product. This means that it does not cost you plenty of money to operate as you can save substantial amount of money when you use it.
  • It is another durable product from the company, and it is certain from superior quality materials that it is designed to last for a long time.
  • Most importantly, the brand is easy to operate. You do not need to be a guru to run it


  • It may require replacing your existing duct

Final Verdict

In all, this seems to be a reliable product. The fact that it makes less noise is an indication that it could be an environmentally friendly product. It appears that it is durable and energy efficient. The model could be the brand lots of people are looking out.

Top 3 Best Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor

Here comes the top 3 pick of best bathroom fan with humidity sensor by topcoolingfan.com editors.

Editor Choice: Panasonic FV-11VQ5 -Best Bathroom Ceiling Fan


A superior product from the United States of America, WhisperCeiling FV-11VQ5 is a great product from Panasonic. Panasonic is a company known globally for the manufacture of high-end electronic devices. It will not be surprising if this product meets the requirement of the bathroom fan. The model is time-tested, and from all indications, it appears to be the best bathroom fan for humidity. It is trending very high because of the quiet operation. This model is very powerful and consistent. This means that it cannot disappoint you when you use it. Users of the product have rated it very high for continuous use, and this means that it is a durable product. It cost less to maintain because it is an energy efficient product.

In terms of performance, it works better than most other products out there. This means that when you invest in the product that you will have real value for your money. Whether you are building a new home, or you are looking for the perfect bath fan to remodel your house, this is an ideal solution for you. It is designed to serve you very well. Investment in this bathroom fan is a good one, and you are going to get real value for your money. The most exciting thing is that it will never disappoint you.

Top Key Features

  1. Quiet Operation:When it comes to standard operation, which is one of the features people consider when they look for this kind of product; this product has set the standard for others to follow. It makes the least noise, and it is rated high for that.

  2.  Efficient Performance: Another great feature is the dynamic performance. It is produced from the United States of America, and it exceeds the performance standard set for this kind of product.

  3.  Energy Efficient: This Panasonic fan is energy efficient even though it can move larger air volume than similar products out there; it consumes less money in the process.

  4.  Durable: Most importantly, this product is durable and can serve you for a longer period. The fact that it is sustainable means that it can save a lot of money for you in the long-run.

  5.  Installation Flexibility: Perhaps the most significant attribute of the product is the installation flexibility. It is not difficult to install. Check the manuals, and follow the instructions provided and install it in your home.


  • This fan is simple and easy to install, and it is a question of following the guides provided to have it installed in your bathroom.
  • The product makes the least noise, and you can hardly know that the product is working because it makes the least noise
  • Most importantly, this is a high performance and efficient fan, as it moves large volume of air in the home
  • It is durable, and that means that you will not invest on this very often and this is good for you as it saves cost
  • Furthermore, it is an energy efficient product, and this means that it consumes less power, which is good because it saves cost.


  • There is a problem with mounting bracket, and this makes the mounting difficult

Final Verdict

It is apparent that this product satisfies the desires of its users. From the information available about this product, it is energy efficient and durable. It works very well and durable. Perhaps, you will be happy using the product.

Number 2: Delta Breez GBR80H Green Builder Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Delta Breez GreenBuilder regards as one of the awesome innovations in the bathroom fan construction. This is because of the humidity sensor. Apart from that, the fan has other fantastic features that make it great. It is designed with the least energy consumption in mind. They understand that one of the challenges confronting many electricity users in the country today is high-energy consumption, because of that they want to reduce the burden for users.

Another great feature is the silent operation. This makes it an environmentally friendly fan. It makes the least noise, and many people have rated the product very high because of this feature.

It is compact and lightweight design. It is perhaps one of the greatest assets. Installation of this fan might not be a challenge as it is not difficult to move it around. The sound and flow rating is unique, and from all indications, it has far gone pass the requirement. This means that the product has everything you need from a bathroom fan. Most importantly, the fan is highly affordable because it sold at a price that users can afford. This means that you do not empty your bank account to own one.

Top Key Features

  1. Energy savings: When you are looking for this kind of product, one of the few things to consider includes energy saving ability. It is energy efficient because it costs less.

  2.  Superior Ventilation: Another important feature is the high ventilation. Within a short time, it is going to cool the bathroom and makes it comfortable for its users.

  3.  Superior Performance: The other important feature that makes it unique and excellent performance. This fan performs better than several other fans. When you install it in your house, you will have a value for your money.

  4.  Fits Very Well: Because of the compact design, you observe that the fan is designed to fit very well. Moreover, it is lightweight, and this makes for easy installation.

  5.  Least Noise: Furthermore, the fan makes the least sound when compared to similar products out there. It satisfies the requirement for this kind of product.


  • Mighty powerful fan as it makes the room comfortable within the shortest time.
  • The fan is quiet because it does not make noise when it is in operation, and this means that you are happy with its services.
  • Another great feature is an easy installation, and this means that you can install it by yourself after going through the manuals provided.
  • Furthermore, it provides very bright light; this indicates that apart from ventilation that it provides illumination as well
  • Most importantly, it is a durable product. This is significant because you do not need to invest in this all the times.


  • The sones level is high at 0.3

Final Verdict

It seems that the model is trending very high given the various positive reviews and comments. The sone level is a bit steep, and installation process is not difficult. It seems that it is lightweight because of the compact design.

Number 3: Broan QTXE110S Ultra Silent Humidity-Sensing Bath Fan


As you can infer from the name, the fan is extraordinary quiet fan. As a humidity sensor fan, it is very efficient when it comes to humidity and moisture control. The model is self-regulating because it can turn itself on when it perceives excess moisture in the home, and when it finishes with that, it switches itself off until it senses excess humidity again. It is a ceiling constructed fan. When you look at the features, you will see that it offers everything you desire from a product like this.

As you can see, the unit is very quiet, and it operates in such a way that people can hardly perceive the noise. You can use it in a new constructing home or apartment. If you are remodeling your home, attaching the unit is simple. Adjust the system to the way you want it to work, but it is advisable to allow the automatic setting mode to regulate humidity on its own. However, you have to determine the low humidity level and set it accordingly. Auto shut features are set at five minutes to one hour. It means that you can set it in a way it can work for you.

  1. Ultra-quiet fan: The fan is very quiet as you can infer from the name. When it is operating, you can hardly know that it is working and that is because of the smooth operation. This is one of the requirements for this kind of product.

  2.  Automatic features: The bathroom fan is automatic; it can trigger itself on and off. You can adjust to the level that suits your bathroom environment most.

  3.  Easy installation: It is not difficult to install. It is meant to install in the ceiling, but you can install in a corner if you like.  

  4.  Efficiency: The fan is very efficient, and within a few minutes it has regulated the heat in the room by bringing humidity down to the level you want

  5.  Durable: Another great feature is that it is durable. It is designed to serve for a long time. Many users rated it high for this.


  • The fan makes the least noise because of this it is popular among users
  • It is durable as it can serve you more than you even expect
  • This is an efficient fan, controls humidity within a few minutes
  • It has automatic features meaning that it can come on and off on its own
  • It is very fast


  • It is not that simple to install

Final Verdict

From available information about this bathroom fan, it has high-end features. It makes the least noise and durable. You have seen that it is not simple to install. In all users are happy with the brand suggesting that it might be a superior product.

There is no doubt that everybody deserves to own the best bathroom exhaust fan. We have seen that most of the difficulties people encounter in purchasing one have been dealt with here. This means that if you follow the information provided here that you are going to get the best fan for bathroom suitable for you. Most importantly, the best of such fans are introduced for you here. If you are interested in getting the best, you can always make your choice out of the various brands reviewed for you here. These are superior quality products, and they contain almost all the features and qualities you want from a supreme quality bathroom fan.