Vornado 184 Air Circulator Review

Everyone likes resting or working in a cool and comfortable environment in their home or office. But the weather is not always in our favor especially in summer when sunlight burns almost everything. Today I am going bring in a cooling wonder that can be the best solution for the diverse environment. When I first saw Vornado 184 whole room tower air circulator, I was totally surprised by its design. Wanna know why I liked this product! Read this full Vornado 184 review carefully.

Vornado-184 Tower FanFeatures of Vornado 184

Unique Design

Vornado tower fan created a great hype with its unique design. Tower fans of Vornado look like the statue of Dubai Tower.  The height of Vornado 184 is 41 inches. The plastic body makes this fan lightweight, and the weight of this tower fan is only 9.7 lbs.

V-Flow Air circulation

The V-flow circulation technology of this Vornado fan coined this tower fan as most efficient fan. A standard fan circulates the air in one direction in a line, but Vornado 184 creates a V shape air area to flow the air. Thus, A very high volume of air flow in the whole room and circulate the cool air in the room. For this reason, this tower fan doesn’t need oscillation to cover the room.

Preprogrammed timer

You can set the timer according to your need. Vornado 184 includes 2, 4 and 8 hours preset timer. In weakening, you are watching a movie in your living room. You set the timer of the Vornado tower fan at 2 hours. The power of fan will automatically turn off when you end the move after 2 hours. Though you forgot to put out the tower fan. So this timer can save the electric bill of your home and office.

Free of wobble

Typical oscillating tower fan (like Ozeri tower fan, Dyson tower fan, etc.) created the wobble in the base of tower fan when the fan started oscillating. The base of Ozeri tower fan is very narrow and small, and most of the customers who bought Ozeri tower fan complain that this fan creates the wobble in such level that the fan drop on the floor all of a sudden. The base of Vornado 184 tower fan is very robust and sturdy. Also, this tower fan doesn’t oscillate. So, this tower fan is completely free of wobble, and the consequence occurs by wobbling of the tower fan. Thus, this tower fan is more durable in nature.

Fast Air Flow

The motor of Vornado 184 is very powerful and efficient. The motor of this fan can produce the air flow of 500 CFM (cubic feet per minutes). This pushes the air movement up to 100 feet. So tower fan can quickly cover a big size bedroom or office.

Remote control

The remote control of this tower fan comes in round shape. This remote control is two and a half inches in diameter and only half inches in thickness. You can control the power, speed, and timer of the fan using this remote control sitting in a chair or laying in bed. You can control the fan with this remote though you are up to 8 feet away from the fan.

Noise level

This tower fan is silent in nature. The motor of tower fan creates microscopic sound. I am using this Vornado fan in my bedroom, and it doesn’t create any problem. But if you set the speed of the fan at the highest level, at that time the noise will be the little bit annoying. The fact is that I rarely use this fan at most top speed.

Long time warranty

You will get five years of limited time warranty of this Vornado 184 whole room tower air circulator. You will get a card of guarantee with the box with the date it is purchased.


  • The remote storage unit is very attractive and easy to find.
  • It takes only 5 minutes to assemble this tower fan. The assembly needs only four screws to insert in place. Carefully read the user manual of Vornado 184 whole room tower air circulator that is given with the box.
  • The air flow speed of Vornado 184 tower fan is greater than Dyson AM07 tower fan.
  • The construction of this tower fan looks sophisticated, but the fan is not very heavy. You can easily move it from one room to another.
  • This Vornado tower fan is very easy to clean and you can clean it at your home without hiring any professional.


  • This tower fan doesn’t oscillate. But it circulates the air well.
  • In highest speed, you will hear the noise.
  • It has only 4-speed setting. So you have very little choice to change the speed. Dyson tower fan comes with a 10-speed setting.

Final Verdicts

Every device has some lacking in nature. The Vornado 184 review also shows that it has some drawback. But these drawbacks are not deal breaker. So you can choice Vornado 184 air circulator for your home or office. The decision is entirely up to you.

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