Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Which One is the Best?

Looking for a floor fan for your home or office? Well, pedestal or tower fan will be the great option for your home but little confused which one to buy. Before making a decision which fan to choose, you need to consider several things like looks, space, performance, and efficiency. Fans don’t the cool the room as an air conditioner but they are still chill the temperature at a very low cost.

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal FanComparisons between tower fan and pedestal fan


Nowadays, Flats or apartments are very expensive but small in size. So it is very difficult to place the right size appliance, furniture, and home equipment in this little space. If you have a space problem in your apartment, a tower fan will be the great option for you. As best tower fans are sleek and slim, it’s very easy to place the tower fan in your small size bedroom or living room.

On the other hand, pedestal fans need more space as upper body of a pedestal fan is very wide.


You are using a fan in your bedroom or office but the noise level is very high then it will be a nightmare for you if you are sleeping or working. Statics shows that tower fan is the quietest fan in the world. You can hardly hear the motor noise even if you take your ear closer to the fan.

Pedestal fans produce very loud sound when it is turn on. It’s very annoying and disgusting for a normal human.


Now everyone is very much cautious about the decoration of home or office. Tower fans are available in very sophisticated design and style. So you can choose any style or design which suit your home or office most.

Pedestal fans are old design and all the designs are almost similar to orthodox pedestal fans. If style or design is not a big deal, you can go with a pedestal fan.

Air Direction

Pedestal fans flow the air in one direction so it didn’t cool the room. But tower fan circulates the air flow in multiple directions as the blade also moves when it is operating.


Pedestal fan is less expensive than tower fan. But brands of tower fan produce less expensive fan like Lasko tower fan, Honeywell tower fan etc. pedestal fans price range are between 30$-160$ and tower fans are available between 40$-400$.

Portability and Weight

Both the fans are portable. But tower fans are very easy to transfer from one room to another. Tower fans are made of plastic material. So they are very lightweight. What’s the reason they easier to carry?

Pedestal fans are made of steel or aluminum. So they are really heavy.

Performance and Features

Discussion Topic Tower fan Pedestal fan
1.       Air purifier Tower fan purify the air It doesn’t have air purifier
2.       Auto shut off You can set the timer in this fan and after the time passed it will automatically shut down. Pedestal fan doesn’t have such kind of function.
3.       Wind speed Decent wind speed Wind speed is greater than the tower fan
4.       Adjustable height and angle It doesn’t come with adjustable height and angle its height is adjustable and you can create angle according to you need
5.       Remote control Most of the fans have remote control No remote control available
6.       Timer Available Not available.
7.       Display It has a digital display for setting indicator A pedestal fan does not have a display but some model come with digital display and they are expensive.
8.       Air flow Direct air flow Can flow direct and indirect air


When it come to safety point, tower fan is safer than pedestal fan. The blades of tower fan are hidden inside a grill and small baby finger can’t through it. On the other side, pedestal fans blades also kept inside a grill but any size figure can easily through it. One of the renowned tower fans is Dyson tower fan and this is also known as bladeless tower fan. The reason behind it called so is that the blades of this fan hidden such that you can’t even see it.

Wrap it up

So what’s your choice? It’s totally up to you. But for me, tower fan is the winner as it safe, good looking and features are really outstanding. If you want to buy a cheap fan then go for pedestal fan. Investing little bit extra will give you better and stylish fan. This will value your money and will relief you from new investment cycle.