Ozeri 3X Tower Fan Review

With a visually astonishing design, stylish glass base stand and slim form factor of Ozeri 3X Tower Fan describes the newest in stylistic digital decor and innovation. It features second to no technology and it is one of the thinnest fans around at not up to 3 inches thick.

Innovation, attractive design, and unrivaled technology are all the factors that make this fan stand out from the crowd. Let us now examine some key features of this fan in order to judge it better.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan for Maximum ComfortDesign

The overall appearance and design of Ozeri 3X look good and attractive. It is unobtrusive and elegant.

One great thing about Ozeri 3X Tower Fan is that it comes with autonomously convenient fans with passive noise cancellation technology for extraordinary airflow velocity at not up to 50dB.

This passive noise cancellation feature uses blade curve to produce extenuating sound waves that decrease the noise of the blade and aid in reducing the sounds of the airflow itself.

In addition, it has 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns premeditated to foster comfort, relaxation and sleep with 90-degree whisper – silence wavering for a refreshing and favorable air circulation throughout the year or for suitable relief on a scorching summer day.

The user-friendly 7.5-hour timer that can easily be programmed and set is another key element of attraction in Ozeri 3 X. Other features that are worth mentioning are the dismountable design that needs just hand assembly of the fan base.


The Innovated Ozeri Tower Fan comes with front-side touch buttons that offer easy access to all other features of the fan, including setting the speed of the fan – with the choice of programming the 7.5-hour timer, independently controlling each fan, or activating any of the 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns.

The control panel is designed in such a way that will not disturb your sleep as it is less bright than the night light. Moreover, despite the fact that its display is somewhat illuminated, it is not annoying at all.

On the other hand, you can control all the features of the fan via its extended range remote control device, even as you are relaxing at any corner of your room.


As far as free standing air coolers are concerned, the Ozeri 3X is pretty easy and uncomplicated to use.

It is easy to assemble as this will only take you a few minutes with just a simple step. You can open the back of the fan with a screwdriver for easy cleaning while you can also wipe down the outside with a damp cloth.

The small rectangular shaped remote control of this oscillating tower fan will allow you to control the fan from every corner the room, making it more user-friendly.ower


Ozeri 3x tower fan comes with a sturdy frame and design. This fan is durable due to the fact that all its components are made of high-quality materials.


The noise level is considerably less, unlike many other tower fans. If keeping noise to the lowest is your main concern, this is the perfect fan for you.

Nevertheless, you must note that Ozeri 3X is quiet on the initial speed setting, it is no longer much quiet when you turn it up to the third notch.


At an average, this fan has been going well. Customers who bought this product at large are content with its working.

If you are looking for a silent room fan, then look no further than Ozeri 3X Tower Fan. The divergent sound waves of the curved blades decrease noise and allow you to enjoy the faint sound of a breeze blowing. This easy to assemble fan will go well the look of your room with its elegant and contemporary design.

Final Verdict

Ozeri 3X tower fan’s overall performance is notably good.  It is pretty inaudible to a significant extent and if we compare it to other like products that are available around- maybe at a cheaper rate- this fan is worth the expense.

It goes quite well if you overlook the slight and negligible shortcomings. The easily controlled programmable timer and touch controls add to your convenience.

So, if you are searching for a quiet, convenient, with all the amazing features and functionality of this fan, you don’t need to break the bank before you can buy one for your use either at home or office!

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