How to Clean a VORNADO Tower Fan

VORNADO tower fans will build up dust and dirt particles within, just like any other tower fan available in the market today.  This build-up will be blown all over your house. So, you must know how to clean a VORNADO tower fan if you want to keep it running at its best in long run.

Vornado-173 Tower FanThis guide will teach you how to clean a VORNADO tower fan using a lot of useful tools. This guide will educate you on how you can easily give the fan a thorough cleaning that will save you and your family from health issues because it will make your house or office free from dust.

Why Should You Clean a Fan Regularly? 

One major reason for cleaning a fan regularly is that the Tower fan moves a large amount of air. Other reasons include the following:

For Best Performance

Fans are disreputable when it comes to building up dirt and dust, particularly at the top surfaces and edges of the blades. Cleaning your fan will keep it at its optimal performance. Without a doubt, dust gathering will reduce the efficiency of your fan as it will reduce airflow and this can cause your fan to quiver if there is no even distribution of dust. While dirt left in the fan will make the motor work harder and result in more noise while working and eventually cut down the possible lifespan of this home appliance.

To Decrease or Eliminate Dust Allergies

Notable and common causes of asthma in kids are dust termites. A regular cleaning is quite imperative in houses that have family members suffering from some kind of dust allergies so that dust build-up is kept under check. Your home should not be extremely dirty to prompt dust mite reaction. Regular cleaning is required because fans are the main culprits when it comes to dispensing and accumulating dust at home. Despite the fact that there are a lot of sources of dust, getting rid of one source through thorough cleaning will be a very good idea.

To Improve the General Look of Your House

The entire appearance of your would be enhanced when you keep the tower fan (that is considerably big for everyone to notice) clean. This is due to the fact that they will apply the necessary and recommended surface finish to the blades to make your fan appear like a brand new one. When you have visitors, they will not have to be annoyed moreover with the dirty appearance or the dust.

Why Disassemble of VORNADO Tower Fan doesn’t need while Cleaning?

The first thing you must remember when learning how to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan is that you need not disassemble it before cleaning. This is in view of the fact that your Tower circulation doesn’t come with user serviceable parts. Consequently, disassembling the unit will negate your warranty.

However, it is recommended that you send it back to VORNADO service or any authentic service providers if you think service is needed.

Things Needed while Cleaning

You cannot clean your VORNADO Tower fan in isolation. You need certain tools and materials for this purpose. Hence, you need the following for the effective cleaning of this unit:

  • Paper towels/and or soft cloth
  • Crevice tool attachment or vacuum cleaner brush
  • Screwdriver with Phillips’ head
  • Electronics vacuum
  • An air compressor or can of compressed air
  • Small bowl for keeping the screws safely (optional)
  • Eyewear and protective mask to circumvent issues with inhaling dust or getting dirt particles into your eyes.

Step by Step Instruction

Cleaning a VORNADO Tower Fan is a breeze if you follow the step by step guide and safety precautions. Here is how to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan with ease:

  • Step 1. In your attempt to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan, the first thing you must do is to unplug the unit to avoid electric shock.
  • Step 2. Vacuum any accumulated dust away from the side inlet and front angled outlet grills, making use of the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Clean the circulator in particular with a vacuum instead of water.
  • Step 3. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the surface of the fan and its grills.
  • Step 4. Cleaning the Cage and Vents: Use compressed air to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan. It is the most efficient tool to clean the accumulated dirt and dust. Otherwise, a lightly damp cloth can serve the purpose of cleaning the exterior parts/ cages.

Tips & Precaution

  • Prior to cleaning your VORNADO Tower Fan, make sure you remove it from the electric socket or source of power.
  • You don’t need to oil the motor at every cleaning because it is permanently lubricated and needs no oiling.
  • Avoid using thinners, gasoline, solvents or some other chemicals for cleaning.
  • It is recommended not to use water to clean the air circulator, house vacuum can do the work well.
  • For cleaning the grills, use a little amount of mild dish washing soap on damp cloth, it will help in efficient cleaning
  • If convenient, you can carry the fan outside for cleaning to avoid blowing the dust and dirt within the house.

Wrapped it up

Now you have successfully learned how to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan. This easy guide has aided many people to remove squeaking or other noises and ensured that cleaner air circulated all round their bedroom or other rooms in their houses.

Despite the fact that there are lots of diverse makes and models of tower fans, the fundamental process of cleaning is quite the same across different brands. Now that you know how to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan, you shouldn’t have too much issue in maintaining the fan appliances in your house.