How to Clean A Honeywell Fan in your home?

Are you worried about cleaning you Honeywell fan sitting in your home? Well, Top Cooling Fan will give you the proper guideline to this hectic problem. It looks very unhealthy and dirty if you don’t clean a fan regularly. So here is the step by step guideline to “how to clean a Honeywell tower fan?”

First of all, we will introduce you the types of Honeywell fan available on the market:

  • Pedestal Fan.
    Lasko Padestal Fan

    Lasko Pedestal Fan

    Honeywell Pedestal Fan

    Honeywell Pedestal Fan

    Honeywell is manufacturing pedestal fan for 2005, and they come in superb quality. Customers rating are very high for this Honeywell brand. The price of Honeywell pedestal fan is between 40$-80$ depending on the feature and style.

  • Table Fan.
    Honeywell Table Fan

    Honeywell Table Fan

    Honeywell table fans are magnificent looking and quiet. A Honeywell table fan can cost 20$-40$. These fans are very lightweight, speedy and good looking.

  • Tower Fan.
    Tower fan reviews

    Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

    Tower fan is very popular among the new buyers of the fan. If you think about the best brand of tower fan, Honeywell will be the best option for you. The price range of Honeywell tower fans is between 40$-80$.

Step by Step Instruction: How to Clean a Honeywell Tower Fan

Thing’s you need while Cleaning Honeywell Fan:

  • Phillips Screwdriver. A screwdriver is an important and essential household chore. But if you don’t have Phillips screwdriver, you can buy a set of Phillips screwdriver cost of 12$-40$.
  • A Vacuum Cleaner/Blower. Don’t have any vacuum cleaner? Then you have to buy one, and it will cut 20$-40$ from your pocket.
  • A Soft Cotton Cloth. You can use an old t-shirt for this purpose.
  • Surface Cleaner/Dishwasher Powder. Surface cleaner or dishwasher powder price range is between 2$-10$.
  • A Pipe Cleaner. The price of pipe cleaner is between 2$-10$.


Step 1: Unplug the Fan.

First, you have to unplug the fan cord that is connected with an electrical socket.

Step 2: Use a Vacuum or Blower

Use a vacuum cleaner or blower to remove the dust off outside housing and grille of the fan.

Step 3: Use a Pipe Cleaner

You have to use a pipe cleaner while cleaning the dust between the grilles of the fan if the dust is very high in the grille.

Step 4: Disassemble the fan grill.

First of all, check how your front fan grill is held on rear fan grill. Some model of Honeywell fan, mainly the old model fan and the front grill is held on the rear grill by a clip. Other Honeywell Available model attaches the front grill with Phillips head screws. Identify your fan types after that lay down the fan on floor or table and take the necessary step to remove the grille. If the fan is attached with screws, then you have to disassemble the grille using Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5: Remove the blades of fan

After removing the grille of a fan, unscrew the clips or screws that hold the blades of the fan. Thus you can disassemble the blades of the fan.

Step 6: Clean the parts of fan

You can use dishwasher’s solution that is you use to clean the dish to clean the component of the fan. You can also make a solution using soap and water. Next, you have to take a cotton cloth and pour the solution in the clothes. After that wipe the blades, grill and rear grill of the fan.

Step 7: Reassemble the fan

Wait till the components of fan become dry. After that carefully reassemble the parts of the fan.

Tips & Precaution

  • Don’t submerge the motor of the fan. If motor gets wet, it will be burned or damage the electric motor when electricity supplied to fan.
  • Always use a mask when you are cleaning the fan. It will keep your breath safe from dust.
  • Use hand gulps when cleaning the dust.
  • Don’t force too much while unscrewing the clips or screws.
  • Keep the screws of fan safely. We recommend you to use separate small containers to keep it safe.

Wrap it up

To clean a fan in your home, will only take 1-1.30 hours if you are doing it the first time. Remember Honeywell tower fan requires less maintenance than other kinds of electric fan. So we suggest you consider a tower fan next time.






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