“Pick the Best Tower Fan for Your Home or Office”

There’s nothing more irritating than having to spend hot afternoons at home. You may be fortunate to have a central air conditioning system at home, but there will be instances when some areas won’t get enough airflow to keep you cool.

If this is the case, you may want to invest in a tower fan. In this tower fan review, you’ll learn what you should look for in a tower fan, as well as a list of some of the best fans for cooling a room.

Many families are now realizing how practical it is to own a tower fan at home. It can increase air circulation in any room, but in a more cost-efficient way especially when compared to air conditioners. The best fans for summer can also help people cool down quickly, and enable airflow to reach areas better than a swamp cooler.

Plus, it is a lot safer compared to an electric fan.

The same scenario can be said for companies. Business owners don’t have to order for another air conditioning unit in their offices to make their corporate spaces comfortable to their employees and guests.

By adding a tower fan, businesses can make their environments cooler without having to spend more on their energy bills.

According to the US Department of Energy, Americans spend around $22 billion on energy bills annually to cool their homes.  More than 183 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity are needed to cool down American homes with air conditioning.

These statistics show the need to find more energy-efficient cooling devices like a bladeless tower fan.

The good news is that there are many top rated tower fans you can find online or in retail stores that are capable of cooling down your room without causing a spike in your electricity consumption.


What is a Tower Fan?

Of course, tower fan reviews won’t be complete without discussing what this appliance is in the first place.

A tower fan is a type of cooling device that is tall and narrow. It can oscillate from left to right, and push hot air outward.  Unlike an air conditioner, it doesn’t cool the air but this feature also makes it more energy efficient.

It is also easy to maneuver given its lightweight design and can be carried from one room to another.

Unlike the regular electric fan, a tower fan takes up minimal space. It can easily fit in corners.  Plus, it doesn’t have the blades that electric fans have which makes it a good choice for families with little children.

Finally, a tower fan can complement any look or feel of a room with its slim and contemporary design.


Features of Tower Fan That Make it the Best For Residential Use

When you go to a home appliance store, you will notice that there are lots of tower fan models to choose from. This could overwhelm you a bit, but if you know the features to look for, then you would have an easier time picking the right tower fan for your home or office.


One of the more important features of top tower fan is the oscillation. Sure, most tower fans oscillate, but the good ones will be able to do so at different speeds. You must also know how far the fan oscillates so that it can reach areas of the house where there’s limited airflow.

Remote Control

A remote control is another feature of the best fan. You would want a fan with a remote control so that you can adjust the fan’s settings or turn it off without having to go near it.  Another feature that you may have to look for is a sleep timer so that the fan can automatically turn itself off after a certain period.

Air Filtration / Purification

Moreover, the best cooling tower fan is one that can filtrate the air. This is particularly true if you are prone to allergies or have asthma.


Tower fans are very lightweight, as this fan is made of plastic materials. You can move it from one room to another easily. So if large numbers of guest come to your home, move the tower fan to your living room and make the visitors comfortable in summer.

Slim and Stylish

The tower fans are sleek, slim and tall. Some importantly the design of this device is unique and unparallel. My favorite tower fan is Dyson AM07. This tower fan is amazing and extraordinary.


You can hardly hear the noise of this tower fan. Tower fan is very quieter than any type of fans like pedestal and table fan.

Sleep Timer

You can preset the timer for the tower fan between 1 hour to 10 hours. It will save the money by cutting your electricity bill.


Why Choose a Tower Fan Over an AC unit or Traditional Electric Fan?

This is a common question of homeowners who have little knowledge about tower fans. The common line of thinking is that when it comes to cooling a room, you either go with an air conditioner or an electric fan.

There are several good reasons why you should go for a tower fan instead of an air-conditioner. One is the savings you’ll get.

You can buy a tower fan for less than a hundred bucks. On the other hand, you will have to spend more than $100 for a good AC unit.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the tower fan is a lot better than an air conditioner.  On the average, a traditional window AC unit uses around 3.5 kWh in an hour.

Compare that to the 2.4 kWh consumption of a tower fan in 24 hours, and you can imagine how much savings you’ll get if you have a tower fan at home.

Portability is another advantage of the tower fan over the AC unit. You can bring it from one room to another because it is portable, unlike the window-type AC.

You may counter that an electric fan is cheaper than a tower fan. Sure, but it’s not safe especially when you have kids.  Your children may get into accidents especially when they try to touch the rotating blades of an electric fan.

On the other hand, a bladeless tower fan is far safer for use at home. It also doesn’t make a lot of noise, unlike an electric fan. And its slim, space-saving design allows it to be placed almost anywhere in your home.


Top 7 Best Tower Fan Brands That has Good Reputations

While there are a lot of manufacturers of tower fans, the following brands can be considered among the best in their field:

#1. Dyson

This is perhaps the best-known brand of tower fans. The company is a respected name in home appliances, having been established in 1978.

It originally manufactured vacuum cleaners but has since then produced hand dryers, cooling fans, and hair dryers.

All Dyson cooling fans are up to 75 percent quiet compared to its competitors. This makes them great choices for home use, especially in homes with babies and children.

Dyson cooling fans are also remote controlled. Through the brand’s patented Air Multiplier technology, cooling fans can produce an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.

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#2. Vornado

This is another company with a long tradition of producing quality coolers. Tower fans of this brand make use of the brand’s proprietary vortex action, which allows the tower fans to circulate air more evenly.

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#3. Seville

This 30-year old company is noted for its tower fans that are energy efficient and portable. Its smallest product, the UltraSlimline 17 inch, is a personal fan that is ideal for use in dorm rooms, garage workspace, and kitchen counters.

Another top product is the UltraSlimline Energy Saving tilt tower fan that can save up to 50 percent in power consumption.

#4. Honeywell

Tower fans from this brand make use of the company’s patented quietest technology. There are many levels of quiet operation and oscillation. Plus, cooling fans of this brand have an auto-shut off timer. According to the company, its cooling products can help households save up to 20 percent on their energy bills.

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#5. Ozeri

This brand started as a manufacturer of digital houseware products. Ozeri has since they crossed over to the production of tower fans.  Its cooling fans feature its patented noiseless airflow technology.

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#6. Lasko

Lasko is another good brand that you can trust. It originally was a metal company in the 1900s before it went into the design and manufacture of cooling fans.

Lasko tower fans are known for having advanced features like programmable timer, remote control, and widespread oscillation. There are also models with fresh air ionizer.

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#7. Holmes

You can’t also go wrong when you pick a Holmes oscillating fan.  One of its best sellers is the 33-inch tower fan that features a digital remote control, five oscillation settings, automatic shut off, and five-hour timer.

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Top 3 Tower Fan Reviews For Big Room

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to install another air conditioning unit in your office or living room to be able to get some relief from the punishing summer heat. Here are the three our top-rated tower fan Reviews that you can use in the living room or in your office:

Our Editor Number #1 Pick: Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

Like all Dyson tower fan models, the AM07 Tower fan is equipped with Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology. This technology accelerates airflow through an annular aperture and drawing in surrounding air in the process for a more cooling airflow.

This air multiplier tower fan stands 39 inches tall. It has 10 distinct airflow settings, thus allowing you to choose an airflow level that suits the environment.

What’s more impressive is that despite its power, the Dyson AM07 tower fan is up to 60 percent quieter. This is due to its streamlined air channel, which reduces air flow turbulence.

You’ll have a more restful sleep when you have this Dyson cool fan around.

Any Dyson fan review will tell you that Dyson fans are energy efficient. This bladeless fan is, even more, energy efficient than previous Dyson cooling fans.

Compared to the Dyson AM02, this Dyson bladeless fan is up to 10 percent more energy efficient.

You can also set this Dyson tower fan to automatically turn off after a preset time with its sleep timer. The preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes up to nine hours.

The remote control is a nice addition because it would let you control the settings of the tower fan without getting up. Moreover, it is designed to store neatly into the machine.

This tower fan with a remote is a bit expensive, to say the least. With a retail price of around $400, the AM07 isn’t exactly cheap. The price may initially turn you off, but you can be guaranteed of the quality because it comes from arguably the best brand of tower fans.

And although the remote is a very helpful feature, you should make sure not to use it. If you do, you won’t be able to use the sleep timer. However, you can still power on/off the unit and change the oscillation levels through the buttons found on the unit itself.

Our Editor’s Choice #2: Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

We’ve mentioned how a tower fan is a more practical choice than an air-conditioning unit because it is more energy efficient. While all tower fans can cool your rooms without causing a significant hike in your energy bills, there are several models known for being very energy efficient.

This Varnado 41-inch tower air circulator can effectively circulate air in the room while allowing you to conserve energy by raising the thermostat to 5 degrees and still maintain the same kind of comfort.

This best Vornado tower fan provides a more energy efficient way of circulating the air in the room through its V-Flow circulation technology. Its contoured air outlets ensure constant air flow in a room without the need to oscillate and without any noise.

Aside from being energy efficient, there are other things that you will appreciate with the Vornado air circulator. One is that it has a long warranty. The manufacturer backs up the product with a five-year warranty that gives you peace of mind.

Another thing you will like about this Vornado circulator is that it doesn’t wobble, unlike other tower fans. Its sturdy base can give it the stability to last for a long time.

There are also four-speed settings to choose from, which you can activate through push-button controls. The unit also comes with a remote control, which you can store at the top of the tower fan.

You will also be able to save through its 8-hour timer.

And the price is very much attractive. For less than $100, you can take home this fantastic cooling machine.

You need to watch out for some flaws, though.

One minor annoyance is that the fan won’t remember the last speed setting you had. When you turn it on, it always starts at the highest speed level.

The bright LED display may be nice if you’re trying to change speed settings, but it can distract you when you’re on the bed and attempting to get some sleep.

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Also Our Expert Recommended: Seville Classics Ultra Slimline, 40-inch Tower Fan

If you want a cheaper alternative to the Dyson AM07 and Vornado 184 tower fan, then this Seville Classic Ultra slimline will be a good option.

This Seville fan has four-speed settings that you can choose from— low, medium, high, and eco-power energy saver.

The eco-setting is what makes this tower fan different from its competitors. By activating the energy saving speed setting, you can cool a room without causing a significant hike in your energy consumption. Moreover, the tower fan won’t make any noise that can distract the people inside the room.

This Seville Classics tower fan also has a timer that can be set up to 7.5 hours. There’s also a remote control and an oscillating function.

It is also cheap like the Lasko tower fans. This Seville Classic is sold at around $60.If you need more power than what the other tower fans offer, you can check out the Seville Classics Ultra Slimline tower fan.

But this Seville Classic tower fan can also frustrate you in different ways. One is that it can easily wobble when you touch it. Another disappointment is that except when it is on a low setting, the fan can be a bit noisy.

There are also complaints about the small button control of the fan requiring some force to operate.  The operation isn’t as seamless as in other tower fans.

It is also a bit heavy at 11 pounds thus you will have to exert some effort in moving it from one room to another.


Top 5 Tower Fan For Small Room

But what if you have a small room at home? Which tower fan should you get? Here are our top three tower fan reviews:

Number #1 Choice of Our Editor’s: Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

With a price tag of just $60, it is not surprising why this Honeywell oscillating fan is a best seller on Amazon.com. Honeywell fan reviews also speak favorably of this tower fan.

The HY-280 Honeywell oscillating tower fan has good features when compared with the Dyson model. There are eight-speed levels to choose from.

There’s also an oscillation and breeze setting, plus touch button electronic controls. Like the Dyson model, there is also a remote control in this Honeywell tower fan.

You can also adjust its thermostat and be guided by its digital display. There is an auto shut-off timer that you can turn to if you want the unit to automatically turn off after a given period, although the maximum hours are up to 8 only compared to Dyson’s 9 hours.

Like the Dyson tower fan, this is also one of the silent fans for bedroom use. It won’t keep you up all night as it doesn’t make any noise.

And compared to the standard three-speed settings in most tower fans, this unit has eight-speed levels. And you can even set the temperature with this cooling machine.

However, there are certain things that you may find annoying with this Honeywell whole room tower fan.  One drawback is that its LED control panel is too bright. In fact, many Honeywell tower fan reviews say customers have to put a piece of cardboard over the LED control panel so that they can keep their rooms dark especially when users want to sleep at night.

Moreover, this unit is about 2 pounds heavier than the Dyson tower fan. The difference may sound insignificant, but it certainly isn’t when you try to bring the tower fan from one room to another.

But for its price alone, this Honeywell product is a really good choice, especially for the budget-conscious shopper.

Number #2 Choice of Our Editor’s: Ozeri Ultra 42-inch Wind Tower Fan -Noise Reduction & Adjustable Oscillating

If the two Lasko tower fans don’t have enough power that you think you need to cool down your small room, then check out this 42 inch Ozeri tower fan review.

One of the first things you will notice about this tower fan is its space-saving design. It is very sophisticated and contemporary. It can enhance any room décor.

Aside from its design, you will love that there are three pre programmed airflow patterns in this unit. You can also choose from three-speed settings, with a 90-degree oscillation for good air circulation around your room.

You can also program the tower fan to continuously run for 12 hours. The tower fan is easy to assemble and has a remote control that conveniently stores in the unit.

This Ozeri tower fan is affordable, too, with its price around $70.

Yet it does have its share of flaws. One drawback is that its thin circular base is unstable. When the unit oscillates, there is a tendency for the base to rock a bit. The unit is also not height-adjustable.

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Number #3 : Lasko 2551 42″ Wind Curve Platinum Cooling Tower Fan

If you have a small room, then chances are you don’t really need a tower fan that has many speed settings. This Lasko oscillating tower fan suits your needs as it only has three-speed settings.

The unit has an easy carry handle, too, thus you can bring it to another room in case the need arises. And its remote control has storage for it located on the back of the unit, thus minimizing the risks that you misplace it.

This Lasko remote control fan also has the energy-saving timer that you would expect from premium cooling devices. It can automatically shut off after 7 ½ hours.

The Lasko 2551 tower fan is very reasonably priced. It’s sold at less than $100, which makes it a very good choice for the budget-conscious homeowner.

Despite being cheap, the Lasko 42′ tower fan offers a plethora of advantages to its users.

One advantage of this Best Lasko Tower Fan with Ionizer is that it comes fully assembled. You would only need a screwdriver to attach the base. You should have no troubles doing it, especially with the instructions very clear.

Operating this small oscillating tower fan is a breeze. You can adjust the settings with the remote control, or by using the buttons located on top of the unit.

These buttons have icons so you can easily switch on/off the fan, adjust speeds, or turn on the ionizer.

It’s also very quiet, which you would especially appreciate when you’re trying to get some rest. The unit also does a great job in circulating the air.

But this Lasko tower fan with ionizer also has its weaknesses.  Many Lasko tower fan reviews indicate that it is a bit heavy at 13 pounds, which can deter you from moving it. The base of this cooling fan for a room isn’t also the sturdiest as it is made of plastic.

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Number #4: Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control


This Holmes tower fan is another good alternative to the pricey Dyson AM07. Like the Honeywell tower fan, it is reasonably priced at around $60.

You’re basically saving more than $300 if you opt for this tower fan instead of the Dyson AM07. Many customer reviews also indicate that this unit is quiet while in operation. But it doesn’t have enough power as Dyson Air Multiplier Fan.

Some reviewers even went to the extent of saying that it is the best oscillating fan today.

When it comes to features, this Holmes cooling fan has very decent programs. The control panel is mounted on top of the unit, with LED lights that would allow you to see it even in the dark.

There’s also an automatic shut off timer. Similar to the Honeywell model, you can set the timer to shut off the unit after eight hours of continued use.

However, you would also have to sacrifice a couple of things when you buy this cooling fan. One is that your oscillation is limited to three-speed settings.

Another drawback is its flimsy base. Made of plastic, the base has the tendency to rock a bit when you touch it.

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Number #5: Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

Another Lasko tower fan model, this ultra-slim oscillating fan only has two-speed settings. But that may not be an issue at all if you will just use it to cool a small room.

It’s also very compact and lightweight that you can put it on top of your desk. It has a height of 14 inches.

The fan has a range of about 4 feet which should be good enough if you use it in a small room.  It is also very quiet. There’s some buzz that it makes from time to time but most consumer reviews indicate that this is tolerable.

The unit is sold at around $90 which makes it reasonably priced.

But like the other fans discussed on this list, this Lasko tower fan does have its shortcomings.

One is that its LED lights are too bright, especially at night. This may distract you particularly if you are a light sleeper. Moreover, you would need two hands to push its control buttons.

One hand is to push the button while the other is to hold back the fan as it can fall over when there’s nothing to support it.

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How We Picked These Tower Fans

Manufacturers can make a lot of claims about the tower fans that they have, obviously in the hopes of making a lot of sales. But there’s no denying the fact that customer reviews are the best sources of information about these tower fans.

Thus, this review of the best fans for cooling was based mainly on customer reviews on Amazon.com.

Customer reviews give us an honest opinion about a product, and Amazon.com users are known not to hold anything back against manufacturers.

Thus, everything that was said about the reviews of these cooling appliances has some semblance of truth to it.

Aside from customer reviews, we looked at other factors in ranking the best fans to cool a room. These include the prices of the tower fans, features, and reputation of the manufacturer.


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Guideline While You are Buying a Tower Fan

Benefits of Using a Tower Fan

Variety in choice. Tower fans are available in different styles, size, features, and price. So you can choose suitable one among the huge option.

Space Saving. Most of the high-quality tower fans are slim, sleek and tall. The small and medium size home dweller can easily place tower fan in their apartment.

Noiseless. Some tower fan manufacturer claims that they are noiseless. But I don’t think so. These fans create noise but you can’t notice it from a distance. You can hear it if you come closer to the tower fan.

Safety. Tower fans are a safe option for the family with kids. The blades of tower fans are safely kept inside a grill. The tiny fingers of kids can’t enter in the gaps of grills.

Easy control. The remote control system of tower fan makes it control very easy to operate. You can also run the fan manually, and the display is digital, and the bottoms are user-friendly.

Variable Speed. You can change the speed according to your need. You can find tower fans with the 3-8 speed setting option.

Efficent. Tower fans are very efficient than the typical fan. These fans can oscillate and circulate the air in the whole room.


Health Benefits of A Tower Fan

Reduce the chance of SIDS. Air Conditioner increases the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) of a newborn baby. Fans like tower fan reduce the chance of SIDS by removing the carbon dioxide of the room as tower fan circulate the air in the whole room.

Sound sleep. The soundless or less noise feature of tower fans makes it suitable for sound sleep. After a long tiring day, the sound sleep is vital for health and a sound mind.

Keep the air pure. The air filtration or air ionization feature makes it unique for other fans and cooling system. A tower fan ionizes the air particles and makes it dust free.

Balance the moisture of the skin. Tower fan does not dry the water of the air. So the humidity of air is kept balance in your home. Thus the moisture of your body skin will be maintained balance.


Things Need to Consider Before Buying a Tower Fan

Operational Noise Level.

First, the most important thing you need to check is the noise level of the tower fan. If you are using the tower fan in the living room where you watch TV or in the bedroom, you need to buy the quietest cooling option.

As fans are constructed with motors and some moving parts, it creates noise in the environment. The manufacturers of tower fan always try heart and soul to minimize the noise in a tolerable scale. The noise level of a fan is measured in decibel (dB). So before buying a tower fan, find out the decibel rating carefully. Remember,

Remember, decibel is a logarithmic function. If a small change (1-2) in the value will increase the sound level great extent. The main problem is many manufacturers don’t list the decibel (dB) rating in the specification of fan.

We suggest you to use a sound measuring app in your iPhone to measure the sound level of the fan. Our experts used the pro version of Decibel 10 by SkyPaw Co. Ltd for measuring the sound level of our reviewed tower fans.

Popular Tower Fan ModelsMaximum Noise Level in decibel
Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan64 dB
Vornado 184 Air Circulator55 dB
Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan55dB
Honeywell HY-208 Quietset Tower Fan55 dB
Ozeri Ultra whole room fan64 dB
Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan65 dB
Seville Classic Tower fan68 dB

If you consider noise level of the tower fan models, then Vornado 184 air circulator and Honeywell tower fans are your first choice. Dyson AM07 produce a decent noise in its highest speed setting mode but in medium and low-speed setting it produces less sound than Vornado and Honeywell Tower Fan models in same speed setting. So if you like to buy Dyson AM07, you can only you need to operate in low and medium speed setting.


Measuring the Fan Power and Capacity

The best way you can understand a fan power and capacity is to find the CFM rating of the fan. CFM is defined as the air speed generated by a fan in minutes multiplied by area that the fan cooling in cubic feet. You can calculate the time a fan needed to circulate the air in the specific room area. Simply divide the measurement of your room (in cubic feet) by the CFM rating of the fan. For Example,

If the volume of you room is 1000 cubic feet and the CFM rating of the fan is 2000, then

The time to circulate the air in room= 1000/2000=0.5 minute

Room height X area of the room in square feet = measurement of room volume in cubic feet.

The ideal air circulation time of a tower fan must be 3 or less than this value. For a room of 2000 cubic feet, 650 CFM rated tower fan is enough for comfort.


Tower Fan ModelsCFM (cubic feet per minute)
Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan1300 CFM
Lasko 2551 wind curve fan650 CFM
Seville Classics Ultra Slimline550 CFM
Vornado 184 Air Circulator550 CFM
Honeywell HY-048 Fresh Breeze Tower Fan650 CFM
Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan700 CFM

Specifications and Features of Tower Fan

Before buying a tower fan compare the specification and features of all the available brands of the tower fan. The must-have features of the tower fans are:

  • Multiple Speed Setting. 3-5 speed setting is the normal feature of high-quality tower fan. More than that will be more beneficial and you can more option to choose the desired speed of the fan in summer.
  • Remote Control. Help you to change the speed and operate the fan at a fair distance.
  • Digital Display. It will show the temperature, fan speed and mode of tower fan.
  • Long power cord. It will give you the freedom to move the fan from one room to another. The ideal length of power cords is 6 feet.
  • Oscillation. Helps to circulate the air in the room more efficiently and frequently.


Additional or advanced level feature you may consider in your tower fan are:

  • Pre-programmable Timer. With the help of this feature, you can preset the operation time of tower fan. Most of the tower fan has 8 hours timer.
  • Thermostat. The function of the thermostat is to turn on the fan when the room reached the temperature you previously set on it.
  • Air Ionizer. Helps to filter the air in the room by ionizing it.
  • Tilt. This feature helps to change the direction of the air upward. So the hot air gathered at the top of the room easily flow outside the window.


Check out the feature of some of the High-Quality tower fan and create a list of feature you desire in your fan.

We checked the specification of some of the top-rated tower fan models and prepared a nice and simple table that help you to choose the right fan for your home or office.

 Dyson AM07 Tower FanHoneywell HY-280 Quietset Tower FanLasko 2551 Wind Curve FanOzeri Ultra 42 inch Tower FanVornado 184 Air CirculatorHolmes
Tower Fan
Height Measured
in Inches
Base Diameter Measured
In Inches
Weight in lbs6.3910.
Cord length measured in Feet6.565.906.105.56.346.00
Remote ControlYesYesYesYesYesYes
Air Speed Control10 Speed Setting Options8 Speeds Setting Options3 Speeds Setting Options3 Speeds Setting Options4 Speeds Setting Options3 Speeds
Temperature ControlYesYesNoYesYesNo
Oscillation ControlYesYesYesYesYesYes
Sleep TimeYesNoYesYesYesYes
Easy TiltYesNoYesYesYesNo
Warranty2 Years1 year1 year1 year5 Years3 Years
Digital DisplayYesYesYesYesYesYes



Floor Fans are hazardous for your baby or child. Your child can easily enter their tiny fingers in the fan grill where the blades are running. So while choosing a tower fan, make sure your one has a fine-mesh cage rather than a grille.

The Size of Room.

For the Smaller room, you can go with the lower power tower fan. But if the room is large and open then you have to choose a fan that can circulate the air more frequently and efficiently. Read the specification of tower fan carefully.

Especially the CFM rating as the capacity to cover a room of a tower fan mainly depends on this rating of tower fan. Also, you have to consider the number of windows in the room. More windows mean more heat waves to enter the room during the summer and spring.

In that case, you have to purchase a tower fan with high CFM value than ideal CFM rating you need for your room.

Style and Design.

Before making you decorating decision of your home, make it sure that it not only increase the beauty of home but also contribute to comfort.  A good decorative masterpiece makes your party more fun, kids more delighted, relaxing easier and guests at comfort.

An ugly looking home appliance will make you dismal and be faltering while guest suddenly comes to visit you home. So, before taking a decision, be confirm that it look wonderful and create wow factor in your home.

The good news is there is a lot of variation on the design and style various tower fan models. The innovative and classic bladeless design of Dyson tower fans will enhance the aesthetic look of your apartment. Vornado 184 air circulator and Seville ultra classic is also an awesome option for you to improve the view of your home.

Power Consumption

If you want to save money monthly basis, you suggest you go for a tower fan that consumes less power. But our research team observed that the power consumption of different brands and models of the tower fan usage almost similar amount of energy. The table below will describe everything:

Tower Fan ModelsPower Usage (in Kilowatt Hour)
Honeywell Hy-280 Tower Fan0.03 KWH
Lasko 2551 Tower Fan0.05 KWH
Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Tower Fan0.05 KWH
Vornado 184 Tower Fan0.09 KWH
Seville Classic Ultra slim line Tower Fan0.05 KWH
Dyson AM070.05 KWH


If you are willing to use the tower in multiple rooms, then make sure that the device is lightweights and the length of the cord is big.


Everyone forgets to check the warranty, but it is very essential. Most of the tower fan models come with one year warranty, but many fan models have a longer warranty.

Easy to Clean.

It’s very annoying to clean a fan. So before buying a tower fan, make sure that the device is very easy to clean.


Why you should not pick the wrong brand

If there’s a brand of tower fan that you should avoid, then it would have to be New Air. Its AF-310 tower fan with evaporation cooling is one of the poorly rated tower fans on Amazon.com. Many reviewers indicate that it isn’t a quiet room fan, which could explain why the product has a pedestrian 3-star average rating on Amazon.com. Also, the company is being criticized on Amazon.com for their poor customer service. A bad tower fan will unexpectedly decrease the beauty of your house. The sound that it produces can ruin your sleep.


Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that an air conditioner is the best way to cool down your room. But it isn’t the most energy efficient. With a tower fan, you can lower the temperature in your room. Cheap tower fans can push hot air out of a room. Thus you don’t have to be irritated and sweaty.

Aside from being energy efficient, a tower fan is a lot more silent when in operation than electric fans. These quiet fans for home use are designed not to disturb people in their sleep or conversations.

Moreover, you can save a lot of space at home when you buy a tower fan. Most tower fans have a slim, space-saving design. These appliances also have a contemporary look and can enhance the surrounding in your home or office.

When it comes to best tower fan, Dyson is definitely the best. However, you will have to shell out a lot of money to be able to get a Dyson tower fan. If budget is a concern, you may settle for other cheaper brands like Honeywell, Holmes, and Seville.

Whatever brand you choose, there’s only one thing definite— by adding a tower fan in your home or office, you can make your space more comfortable especially in the summer without paying a lot for your energy bills.